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Clay figures, animals made of clay and other ideas made of clay

Tinker with sound: made

Already as a child, you have created great things out of clay in art lessons: a funny clay figure, a useful clay bowl or a unique clay pot.

But pottery or modeling with clay is not just a creative activity for children. Even adults enjoy the variety of design options with sound.

From clay pots and door signs to elaborate figures and decorations - with clay countless objects can be modeled.

We've put together the links to the best ideas for sound work, making crafting with sound a successful and enjoyable experience.

Table of contents about crafting with clay

  • Clay figures and animals made of clay
  • Beautiful from clay
  • Clay disc with beautiful decoration (video tutorial)
  • More ideas made of clay

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Clay figures and animals made of clay

Pottery angels made of clay

Make an angelic figure out of clay yourself. Pottery manual for little and big angels with instruction video.
at guide-to-toepfern.de


made of clay for casting
at creadoo


Make raccoon kites out of clay. A guide for a holder for incense cone in the form of a kite
at creadoo


as a pencil holder made of clay
at creadoo

Tinker different clay animals

and tinker many more clay animals
at creadoo

Beautiful from clay

spring Jewelry

Tinker chain with colorful flowers of clay.
with speech: German


Make loam faces out of clay and foliage. A simple guide for children
at Kindergarten-Ideas

Artful figures made of clay

A step by step tutorial made of clay
at mihummel

clay pots

with jewelry and scratching techniques verziehren
at pat2art

Shell earring

do it Yourself. A guide from polymer clay
at wawerkoSprache: German

Clay disc with beautiful decoration (video tutorial)

More ideas made of clay


made of self-hardening clay
with instructions to the pottery

game of marbles

make clay out of clay yourself
at tastelkleber


make clay out of clay yourself. A guide for a great variation of Mensch-ager-you-don't
at creadoo

Picture Frame

made of clay. Different forms
at creadoo

Build a pond yourself

Tips for building different ponds made of pond liner, clay or prefabricated parts with care instructions
at richards-garten

Candlestick made of clay pot

Make candlesticks out of clay pot and coaster. Decoration in napkin technique
at Advent.at

Personal family tree

make yourself. An instruction
at wawerkoSprache: German

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1. "Tinkering with sound" © Gabi Schoenemann / pixelio.de

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