Teepee decoration

Tinker tepee decoration

Teepee decoration: your

Whether you call it a teepee or a wigwam, this North American teepee is a wonderful place where your kids can play, stay with friends, or just have fun! Surprise your children with a great gift that will give them much pleasure throughout the year.

Use the articles below to turn your children's teepee into a sumptuous chief tent!

material list

  • Dremel® VersaTip ™ with pyrography tip
  • Dremel® 7700 and diamond tipped cutter 7103
  • Dremel® Glue Gun 930, Glue Sticks 7 mm GG02 and Glitter Glue Sticks GG04
  • Teepee / wigwam
  • Wooden curtain rings (larger than the diameter of the tent poles)
  • Feathers, sequin ribbons and synthetic leather straps
  • Mirror and metal discs
  • Wooden beads (also flat, disc-shaped beads)

Decorating Wigwam: Step 1

Teepee decoration: Tinker

Glue sequin tapes in two parallel lines around the entire teepee with the Dremel Glue Gun. Orient yourself at the bottom of the tent cloth edge and draw the lines discreetly with a pen. Using the Dremel Glue Gun, pull a sparkling zigzag line between the two sequin bands. You can attach several rows of sequin ribbons and zigzag lines on a blank tent fabric.

Decorate Wigwam: Step 2

Teepee decoration: your

To make the wind catcher, first use your DremelVersaTip (pyrography tip) to burn patterns into the wood curtain rings and beads.

Decorate Wigwam: Step 3

Teepee decoration: decoration

With the Dremel 7700 (diamond-tipped cutter), use your hands to engrave symbols and patterns on the mirror and metal discs. Repeat the process with the flat wooden beads.

Decorate Wigwam: Step 4

Teepee decoration: decoration

Thread a synthetic leather strap through a curtain ring and thread different beads on the picture. Slide springs into the openings of some of the larger beads and secure them with a drop of glue from the Dremel Glue Gun. Using the Glue Gun, glue the mirror and metal discs together with the synthetic leather strap in between. If necessary, add additional belt pieces so that the length of the wind catcher is approximately equal to the height of the tipi. Make several wind catchers and attach the individual elements to the belt at random intervals. Build up the tepee, slide the curtain rings over the tent poles and look forward to the happy faces of your children!

Teepee decoration: decoration

Courtesy of Dremel®

These instructions can be found in the creative Ideabook of Dremel®:

Dremel®'s Creative Ideabook contains 50 original ideas for crafting projects of varying difficulty and countless opportunities for your own projects with Dremel's versatile tooling systems.

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