Tips for the bottom plate of the stove

Under each stove belongs a matching base plate. This not only serves the look, but above all the security. You can find out which materials are suitable here.

Why bottom plates are necessary under the stove

Floor slabs are not officially prescribed, but you should not refrain from them. They are an important and in many cases necessary security gain.

Protection against flying sparks

When a stove is on fire, sparks may be emitted when the door is opened, which can occasionally fly quite far. Among other things, this depends on the quality of the wood, which is burned. These flying sparks can quickly set fire to textiles or surfaces.

Tips for the bottom plate of the stove: bottom

Protection against overheating of the soil

If a stove is placed on flammable or heat-sensitive floors, it can quickly lead to the floor getting too hot, especially when heating at full load. Here is the bottom plate under the stove an important protection of the soil, not only against overheating but also against ugly traces of the hot stove.

Protection against pollution

Charcoal ash and still smoldering particles as well as the ashes of the burnt wood make a lot of dirt. For sensitive floors, such as wooden floors or parquet, this can lead to a kind of permanent contamination around the stove, which is almost impossible to eliminate. Floor plates also protect here.

Dimensions for floor slabs

The distance from the fire opening to the front should be at least 50 cm, if pollution is an issue, you can easily add another 20 cm. The distance should be 30 cm to the side of the fire opening.

Materials for floor tiles

As materials come here glass and steel in question. Other materials, straight flammable material such as wood or plastic should not be used here.

Glass floor plates

They are also very decorative, and bring the stove very well. Important here is the load capacity - 5-6 mm safety glass should be it necessarily. Depending on the size and shape you have to expect about 100 euros here, they carry around 6 mm in thickness about 500 kg.

Sheet steel floor plates

They are very robust and can be quite decorative depending on the design. Priced, they are slightly cheaper than glass plates - from around 50 € you can find them depending on the size in the trade. You can also carry relatively heavy furnace loads.

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