Tips for buying cobblestones

The main criterion for the formation of a cobblestone price is the quality and texture of the paving stones. As materials come next to the most common granite and basalt or limestone into consideration. Granite is the hardest rock, but other rocks can easily be used for decades at a time. All rock types offer different colors and visually decorative are colorful mixtures. If you are planning a purchase of cobblestones, you can gain an impression and collect ideas by examining cobblestones that are public or private.

Any quality from cheap basalt to marble possible

Similar to the selection of patio tiles or tiles, you can buy a variety of rocks such as granite, basalt or limestone. The prices are usually in the range between seventy and 130 euros per ton, as you can, for example, on the website well research. Small paving formats with mosaics are more expensive and range between around 150 and 300 euros, with individual high-quality stone compositions also costing up to six hundred euros per tonne. From around five hundred euros, the selection of the highest quality rocks such as marble begins. The world-famous Carrara marble is offered, for example, in cobblestone form under, where the other required construction additives such as marble chippings or pebbles are offered. For a specialist retailer of high quality cobblestones cleaning and care products, visit In order to get a market overview with lots of contact data and providers in the most diverse quality and price ranges, it is worth visiting

Buy on the used market

On almost every trade portal on the Internet you will find offers under the keyword cobblestones.,, or are platforms on which you will find used paving stones as well as new goods. Since the distance to the provider determines the cost and price of the transport, regional classifieds markets such as Ebay or the local newspapers of your city or region are worth a visit. A call to the responsible municipal building yard can also be worthwhile.

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