Tips for buying wooden shingles

Wooden shingles are a classic and very noble option for covering roofs and facades. However, the prices are often significantly different depending on the type of wood and wood quality. Here you can read what all determines the price.

Dormers and prices

Wood shingles are made of different types of wood - cedar is very durable, and by nature quite resistant, spruce is often pressure-impregnated, while larch wood can also be used untreated.

The price of wood shingles is not only dependent on the type of wood, but also on the quality of the wood. Here, the regulations and classifications of wood quality according to DIN are largely applicable in the timber trade today.

Also, the shape and width of the shingles and their thickness have an impact on the price - moreover, it is crucial whether the edges are beveled, which usually means a higher price. It is therefore difficult to give clear guideline prices; in addition, there are still very large regional differences in the price of wood.

Prices of selected suppliers (as of 2013)

wood shingles
Red cedar wood, 15 mm thick, quality 3, three-layer laying on the roofholzschindeln.de18.18 euros / sqm
Spruce forged, 24 cm, three-ply cover on the roofgreussing-holzschindeln.at27,50 Euro / sqm
wood shingles
Alaska cedar, quality no. 1, three-layer laying on the roofholzschindeln.de37.46 Euro / sqm
Weistanne feasted, 24 cm, three-ply cover on the roofgreussing-holzschindeln.at30,80 Euro / sqm

shingle consumption

The price examples were based on three-layer roofing in accordance with DIN specifications in order to create comparable price examples. With only two-ply coverage, the price per square meter is of course lower, but with façade cladding a different installation technique between the wall and the roof is followed by other guideline values ​​for shingle consumption per square meter. In addition, of course, the size of the shingle also plays a role.

In order to determine the actual shingle consumption for your project, you should plan in each case concretely with the respective coverage type, in order to be reasonably realistic to be able to overturn the total costs. A specialist will certainly be happy to assist you.

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