Tips for the paving stones, autumn leaves'

The random autumn leaves create warm and vibrant patterns and color combinations. Concrete paving stones can emulate this effect by adding different color pigments and a non-uniform surface structure. As with autumn foliage, predominant hues are possible, such as combined orange-brown tones or darker bluish-green compositions. The same result can also be achieved with natural stone if the different color values ​​are planned and put together to form a plaster bandage. Natural stone traders and quarries offer pre-sorted cobblestone mixtures, each covering a color spectrum.

Manufacturers offer autumn leaves on color palette

Both in concrete paving stones and natural stones, the fall foliage is used as a term for the mixed color of a group of paving stones. The shape of the individual paving stones plays a minor role, since the fall foliage effect is created by the color interaction in the plaster bandage. Simple rectangular concrete paving stones are available from around ten euros per square meter, with the purchase of the required amount is proportionally mixed. The buyer determines the general basic direction of the coloring and gets his stone autumn leaves premixed. Suppliers of concrete products such as, Bartels unter, or the can also offer the Herbstlaubmischungen in Ökosteinvariante. It is different with natural stone. For example, the natural stone retailer offers autumn leaves made of granite plaster for a flat rate. 24 tons of smaller or larger single stones cost 1995 Euro without the transport.

Autumn leaves paving stone mixes in every quality level

The optical effect of the fall foliage plaster can be produced with high-quality natural stones up to a limited extent, towards marble. For square meter prices up to one hundred euros, with marble also above, specialist dealers such as or offer individual autumn leaves and cobblestone mixtures. If you are planning to purchase an expensive fall foliage patch, you can often visit a model garden in the specialized companies and get a visual impression. A good source of research on the Internet for contact details around the paving stone industry can be found at The main feature of a successful fall foliage design is not the price, but the tasteful combination of paving stones, whether concrete or natural stone.

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