Tips for granite paving stones

The abundant occurrence of granite and its large color spectrum make the hardest natural stone a favorite material for paving stones. On the one hand, the wide range of colors and structures stems from the place and time of their origin and, secondly, results from external influences during their movement from deeper layers of earth to the earth's surface. The medium to coarse graining can be reddish to yellow to black-white and gray. In the case of improper processing of granite, subsequent discolouration may occur, caused for example by inappropriate mortar. In Germany there are about two thousand quarries, most of which also mine granite.

Large price range due to different factors

There are hundreds of granite types worldwide that are suitable for the production of paving stones. Degradation varies in complexity and can have a significant impact on the price due to the complicated extraction process. Another aspect of pricing is the frequency of occurrence. There are "more common" granite deposits, which are offered for tonne prices from eighty euros and extends to rare colored precious granites, for which several hundred euros per ton must be paid. An overview of the suppliers such as quarries and specialist dealers can be found on the Internet at Higher grade and extra hard granite wears down the machine tools, which also affects the price. Most types of granite from which paving is broken move at barrel prices between one hundred and two hundred euros.

Detailed information on the Internet is worthwhile

About the variety of granite in appearance and quality as well as the high transport costs and fluctuating raw material prices, you can inform yourself well on the sometimes very detailed dealer sites on the Internet. Under you will find not only detailed price lists but also helpful information on transport costs, weight and size dimensions of the paving stones. Similarly informative and provided with discount offers is the page If you are interested in used paving stones made of granite, the site is a good guide. Both used and new paving stones granite offers the

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