Tips for polymer bitumen welding lines

Among other things, polymer bitumen welding strips have a particularly high heat resistance, and are therefore suitable, for example, as a top layer for flat roof coverings. What else there is to know about polymer bitumen welding tracks, you can read here.

Background information

Particularly with flat roofs, particularly high temperatures and high mechanical loads often occur. This is why bituminous welding tracks with particularly stable carrier material and plastic additives such as SBS or APP for bitumen material are used to achieve a particularly wide range of plasticity.

The plasticity margin is determined in the laboratory - in the lower temperature range, the bending behavior when bending around a metal mandrel and the maximum temperature are tested before the bituminous mass begins to slip off the coating. In this temperature range is then the plasticity range, it is also regulated in the DIN in the material qualities for individual applications.

Current offers

Bituminous welding track, roll
Bauder, V 60 S, talc, with glass fleece insertdachbaustoffe.de5,49 EUR / sqm
V 60 S4, brightheim-baustoffe.de4, 31 EUR / m²
Bitumen welding tracks in different designs
Bauder THERM UL 50, elastomeric bitumen, minimum brushing timedachbaustoffe.de10,93 EUR / running meter
Bauder VA 4, bitumen-based vapor barrierbausep.de5,08 EUR / m²

What to look for when buying? / Recommendations

Only use tested and DIN standardized bitumen welding strips for your waterproofing project. Many of the material properties, as well as the plasticity range of a product, you can not check yourself - you need to be able to rely on it. If the properties required by DIN are not met here, this can ultimately mean a poor seal of your roof. Straight polymer bitumen welding tracks must be able to withstand high loads.

Work exactly

Especially when sealing a flat roof, you should work very precisely and carefully, and observe all laying instructions exactly. Sealing faults in flat roofs can lead to enormous damage to the entire building fabric of the house. If you are not sure about the execution, have the correct procedure explained again by a specialist.

Video Board: SBS vs APP Bitumen