Tips for buying Eternit plates

From the small square roof shingle with a side of 30 centimeters to the rectangular large plate with a side dimension of more than one meter, the range of Eternit boards is sufficient. Basically, these are fiber cement boards, which are also produced by a few suppliers who do not use the product name Eternit. Today Eternit plates from European production are asbestos-free and can be bought without hesitation. Increased caution is advised for products from outside Europe or when buying used Eternit plates. In Germany, the assembly of asbestos-containing building materials is prohibited.

Do not underestimate the weight and the transport costs

Who wants to buy Eternit plates, has a large selection of sources. Therefore, a price comparison is worthwhile. On the website of the respective national manufacturer of Eternit there are good overviews of the product range and detailed information on assembly, technical data and function of the various Eternit plates. In addition to the Internet research, building materials dealers and hardware stores are other outlets. Since roofers are responsible for both roof and facade cladding, it is also worthwhile to obtain offers from them. Often, they can pass volume discounts on Eternit panels to customers and tie up attractive pricing packages including transportation, accessories and assembly. Especially the transport can be expensive if, after the purchase of Eternit plates, a building material forwarding agent has to be specially commissioned or a suitably designed transport vehicle is rented. One square meter of Eternit weighs over 15 kilograms.

Variable costs by usage type

When small Eternit panels are purchased with overlaps, the required amount per square meter is variable. The flatter the slope, the more eternit plates must be used for the same area. The cheapest Eternit plates in square shingle shape with the side dimension of thirty centimeters cost starting from 1,40 euro per piece. On the vertical wall, just under twenty boards have to be set for one square meter, with a roof pitch of more than 45 degrees just under 22 Eternit boards are required and at an inclination of less than 25 degrees, there are more than 25 boards.

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