Tips for buying lime plaster

Lime plaster has made a name for itself in recent years, after having lost some of its importance over the past two decades over more "modern" building materials - known for centuries. Today it is again available almost everywhere - but in different variants, all of which have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Buy lime plaster in the building materials trade

In the well-stocked building materials trade, lime plaster is also almost always in stock, mostly 25 kg sacks, which have to be mixed with water in a certain ratio. However, this looks different with roll or brush plaster - lime roll plaster is not so easily available everywhere. One of the premium producers of lime-scale plasters made of natural lime is the company Alpen Kalk, whose products also have a really good reputation. Here can be ordered also containers - the prices of lime rolling plaster are usually much higher than for the usual resin plasters. They are almost twice as productive and usually do not need a primer on absorbent surfaces.

In most Raiffeisen stores and at some building material traders, you can still get the traditional slaked lime (lime hydrate), from which you can also make a lime plaster simply by adding sand. Unleached lime, however, is corrosive and is used only as a paint - it is hardly used today. In some online shops, however, it is still to be found, where it can be ordered by shipping, occasionally even the Raiffeisen camps in smaller, rural communities still lime lime - so uncalled, caustic lime - in stock. It produces in particular on a lime plaster painted, a bright white color, which is very resistant.

Lime plaster and lime cement plaster

Often you can buy instead of lime plaster only lime cement plaster - in addition to the sand addition here the slaked lime still a small amount of cement was added, which makes it harder, but also less elastic. However, the essential properties of lime plaster are retained, which is why it is quite possible to buy lime cement plaster as a substitute for lime plaster. Otherwise, one should always consider the purchase of the original lime plasters.

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