Tips for a safe work in the home garden

Tips for a safe work in the home garden

Tips for a safe work in the home garden: work

As comfortable as some garden tools are to use, they quickly lead the hobby gardener to recklessness. Especially risky is an improper use of electrical appliances and cutting tools.

It is therefore extremely important to have each device before the Use or commissioning on its functionality and intact condition to control accidents so that they can be avoided in advance.

If there is an injury, help should arrive quickly and be done. Get to therefore never in a potentially risky situation during gardeningif there are no other people in the vicinity.

In addition, you should always carry a charged mobile phone with you to carry in the Emergency the rescue service from the back garden corner to be able to call.

We give helpful tips for working safely with gardening tools in the house garden.

Device check at the beginning of the outdoor season

When the first warm sunrays invite you to linger outdoors, the new gardening season begins. Who wants to call a well-kept and beautiful garden his own, relies on the Help useful gardening tools that are either hand or electric powered can.

Already before the winter, a maintenance of the garden tools is recommended, so that metal parts on the damp-cold months, do not apply any rust and protect it from wear and tear are. But even before the first commissioning or use of gardening equipment in the spring, a short check should be made as to whether an intact condition still exists.

For example, rusty saw blades must be replaced, electrical appliances will open possible cable breaks or loose contacts checked out and blunt blades of secateurs and chainsaws are freshly sharpened by a professional again.

Give the security in your garden a high priority and protect yourself and your family members already Preventive of injuries and serious accidents.

Regular maintenance of motorized garden tools

Tips for a safe work in the home garden: home

When handling sharp garden tools, make sure that no people or free-range animals are in the immediate vicinity.

A Regular care and maintenance of the garden tools not only extends the life span Often very expensive equipment, but also increases your own safety.

In addition to a check before each use of motorized garden equipment, you should also Please refer to the care instructions and warnings of the manufacturer.

Also check if the Cable insulation is still intactor whether, for example, small rodents have damaged the cables over the winter. Pull all Fixing screws at regular intervals and have defective equipment overhauled by a specialist.

Also Grinding should be done on rotating cutting tools (such as the lawnmower) are better left to the professional to avoid imbalance.

Danger: Before every cleaning or maintenance, electrical appliances are disconnected from the mains. For gasoline lawn mowers, the spark plug is removed before sighting the cutting tools.

Proper handling of electrical appliances

Tips for a safe work in the home garden: tips

Residual current can be life-threatening. Pay attention to proper handling.

Even the best and Extensive maintenance does not lead to increased safetyif subsequently the handling of the dangerous gardening tool is improper and reckless.

Experts therefore recommend reading the instructions again after a long period of non-use. Here you can Model-dependent peculiarities quickly recalled become.

Use when working with electrical appliances in the Outdoor area on a so-called residual current circuit breaker (FI-Schlater)which intervenes in fault current and thus prevents life-threatening situations.

On such plug is simply between the appliance plug and the socket used. In addition, only use cable drums that may be used outdoors.

tip: In case of malfunction, please remove the plug from the socket to interrupt the power supply.

Also, make sure that you do that Do not accidentally damage cables during gardeningby getting into the running device. When lawn mowing and tail cutting the cable is therefore always performed at a sufficient distance from the cutting unit.

Other people and free-range animals should not be in the immediate vicinity, though sharp devices such as lawn mowers, hedge trimmers or chainsaws in use are.

Test seal for motorized garden tools

In Germany, there are three common test seals for motorized garden tools that stand for quality and safety. At least one of these seals should be on your device - otherwise refrain from a purchase.

The triangular VDE mark confirms compliance with the protection requirements and can be found on electronic devices. The GS mark stands for tested safety and states that the electrical appliance has been designed and produced according to recognized rules of technology.

The CE mark indicates that this device meets basic EU safety requirements.

Safety first - safe work in the garden

Tips for a safe work in the home garden: home

Keep order. Rusty nails pose a high risk of injury and should be removed.

Not only in dealing with Motorized gardening equipment can cause serious accidents come. Gardening generally involves risks that can be reduced to a minimum with just a few measures.

The first and most important rule is: The Gardening takes place only with an existing tetanus protection.

Due to minor injuries, such as cuts and abrasions pointed thorns, splintering garden fences or protruding branches, can they Tetanus pathogens invade the body and lead to tetanus.

The bacteria live, for example, in the garden soil or in road dust. The Vaccination should be refreshed every 10 years become.

Make sure you have order in the garden and do not leave sharp objects such as scissors, rakes or the like on the floor.

Rusty nails belong to and removed Electrical appliances are always disconnected from the mains after useso that playing children are not endangered.

Garden paths and patio areas should be through environmentally friendly LED solar lights are emitted, so increase safety even in the dark in your garden. If you additionally connect a motion detector, this measure can even serve as burglary protection.

Dangers for children and animals in the garden

In order to make the garden safe for toddlers, parents and relatives should pay particular attention to some aspects. First of all Water areas through a small fence or a sufficiently stable cover to secure. These measures relate to Pools, garden ponds and rain barrels.

Always insert as an alternative to the cover wider board as an exit aid in the rain barrels as well as to the edge of a pond or pool with low water level.

tipEven if there are no children playing in the garden, even smaller animals such as hedgehogs or squirrels can drown in the water - an uncovered pool is so often the deadly trap for free-range cats.

Tips for a safe work in the home garden: garden

Children have a hard time predicting dangers. Therefore, make sure you have a preventive environment for a safe environment.

Check at regular intervals Slides, swings and other play equipment on their stability and tighten screws if necessary.

Wooden elements on Sandbox or climbing frame should be inspected for protruding splinters - Fine sandpaper can help here in an emergency.

In addition, should Outdoor sockets with a corresponding child safety device be equipped.

Unnecessary hazards represent poisonous plants. Therefore, inquire already before the purchase, whether the plant is poisonous or used without hesitation can.

Additional security is provided by locksWhether at the tool shed or garden turfs - secure any area that is inaccessible to children, such as cabinets with sharp garden tools or exits to the street.

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