Tips for the wellness steam shower

Even old cultures knew early on the healing and relaxing effect of steam bath and sauna. With a modern steam shower you get this luxury in your own bathroom. Since the smallest models need little more space than a regular shower cubicle, a steam shower will find its place even in small bathrooms. The manufacturers offer single and double cabins, which are formed in the floor plans of a quarter circle, rectangular, round or elliptical. They can be mounted free standing or fitted in a niche if the space is appropriate. Products with different heights adapt to low ceiling heights.

What your steam shower should and can do

The steam shower is a kind of hybrid of shower and sauna. Most have steam showers in addition to the overhead shower up to eight laterally mounted nozzles that produce showering water with different beam intensity. In addition to the possible infinitely possible regulation of soft pearly to strong pulsating should also be a rain show adjustment. For the function of the steam bath, the water mist generated by a steam generator exits from the side nozzles. The steam generator must be adapted to the volume of the steam shower so that it does not generate too little steam or consume too much electricity. Most modern generators offer the ability to expel aroma oils or other ingredients with steam through an integrated scent cup. Watch out for this opportunity to enjoy all your personal "infusion".

Self-construction or specialist business also a matter of cost

The steam showers available in sanitary shops, hardware stores and installation companies are available as complete sets, which are normally also suitable for self-assembly. Although the offers start at around eight hundred euros without installation, but you should calculate at least 1500 euros, if you want to buy a reliable product. Starting at around two thousand euros, the extensive selection of branded products such as Aqualine, CRW, Badolux, Samo or EAGO begins. A combination of self-assembly and subsequent final assembly with silicone seal and water connection control by a professional installation company ensures affordable wellness and reliably guarantees your domestic luxury in the bathroom.

Tips for the wellness steam shower: wellness

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