Tips for buying cork flooring

Meanwhile, cork floors are so widespread that are available in all major DIY chains and in all furniture stores that carry floor coverings. The usual ranges include cork flooring, simple cork flooring for conventional cork flooring and roll cork.

Pure cork or mixed soils

All major brand parquet manufacturers also carry cork flooring in their assortment. In the majority of three-layered parquet with tongue and groove are mostly with click technology on offer. Simple cork boards are often made by specialized suppliers and are not part of the cork flooring product group.

The beneficial properties of the cork floor, such as elasticity, thermal and impact sound insulation, has led many parquet manufacturers to "cross" their products. Cork surfaces are printed with wood optics or provided with a real wood veneer. However, these cork floors can not be sanded off.

If you want to buy a typical cork floor made of solid cork slabs, you have to glue the slabs together. For this, the ground must be very level and sticky. The four to ten-millimeter-thick cork slabs can be sanded and resealed like traditional wood parquet.

Use of raw cork

The cork for the cork floor is obtained by shelling the cork oak, which occurs mainly in Spain and Portugal. While the larger individual pieces of bark are used for the visible cork surfaces, smaller peeling elements are used to create the wear layer for later printed or veneered surfaces.

Cracked cork and small pieces of cork are processed into granules, from which resin plates are used to make basket plates. The granulate products are mainly used as reel cork, which is used as impact sound insulation in particular for floating wood parquet. The cork underlayer, the countermove, is often applied from bonded cork granules in multi-layered cork parquet.

Limited weight load

An advantage of the cork floor is its tread elasticity, which results from the softness of the material. This feature makes the cork floor at the same time sensitive to heavy physical loads. These include, for example, mobile office chairs for which a protective mat, for example made of transparent plastic, should be placed on the cork floor.

Tips & Tricks

Compared to average stress such as playing in a children's room or as a foot-warm flooring in the bedroom, the cork floor is ideal. If you tend to change your furniture more frequently, cork flooring may be unsuitable due to the prints of the furniture. Underlay for small furniture feet, however, can help a lot.

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