Tips for buying foundation stones

There is some conceptual confusion about foundation stones - "foundation stone" can be understood as meaning different species for very different uses. What are these and what to look for when buying, you can find out here.

Foundation stone: One term, many stones

In the field of shell construction, foundation stones are used to construct a chimney - where, as the name suggests, they form the foundation of a chimney. They are available in different diameters.

However, foundation stones can also be concrete blocks that are used as a foundation point, for example under wooden garden sheds or wooden terraces.

And last but not least, the same term is sometimes used for Schalsteine ​​in Kellerbau. There, however, they serve as masonry formwork, which is filled with concrete after it has been walled up. The correct designation would therefore actually be Schalsteine ​​- the term foundation stones can be heard for this type of hollow stones but also again and again.

The right stone for the right purpose

Especially when buying so you must always pay close attention to what you get offered. The prices of the three stone types are also still significantly different, and with the wrong stones, you can then do any kind of use.

Prices of selected suppliers (as of 2013)

Foundation stones (chimney)
Schiedel SIH 18 L foundation stone diam. 18 cmbausep.de17,02 EUR / piece
Schiedel SIH 25 L foundation stone diam. 25 cmbausep.de30.01 EUR / piece
Foundation stones (other)
Foundation stone for terraces 22 x 22 cm, concreteprimagartenshop.de6,95 EUR / piece
Schalstein 17 x 50 cmlusit.de1,85 EUR / piece

What to look for when buying

First, of course, the right kind of stone - as already mentioned, nothing can be done with the wrong stones. Of course, when walling a chimney, the foundation stones must fit the mantle structure, both in terms of load-bearing capacity and in terms of dimensions.

With foundation stones for terraces and garden sheds you usually have no problem with concrete blocks - here there are hardly so large differences in the carrying capacity that the use of a stone would not be possible.

For basement foundations, the blueprint is crucial - here, the appropriate formwork bricks, which must be used, prescribed by the respective construction planner.

Tips & Tricks

As a foundation stone under a wooden terrace or a smaller garden house, you can also use ordinary concrete pavement slabs.

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