Tips for buying herringbone parquet

The parquet in herringbone pattern belongs to the group of rod parquets. Depending on the size and type of wood, the wooden sticks, which are arranged at 90-degree angles, develop very different looks, which look classy and more or less striking. In most cases, herringbone parquet is glued, but it can also be nailed sideways or floating.

From large panels to small chopsticks

The character of the fishbone depends very much on the dimensions of the individual sticks. For small-scale parquets, the rods have a width of three to five centimeters and a length of 15 to 20 centimeters. The largest rods are up to twenty centimeters wide and have lengths up to one meter.

The herringbone pattern can easily be laid double or triple with double wooden sticks. The individual bars are arranged with the ends at right angles to each other.

In the French herringbone, the wooden sticks are chamfered at the ends by 45 degrees and the zigzag course forms a continuous gap between each row of sheets.

Hardwoods best suited

In principle, every hard wood species is suitable for a herringbone parquet. Particularly popular are oak, smoked oak, cherry and walnut. Because of the high number of butt joints, woody plants, which only "work" little even when the temperature changes, are to be preferred over wood that is more prone to discarding.

The larger the individual wooden sticks in the fish parquet, the larger the range will be for floating tongue and groove products. There are herringbone parquet both massive and multi-layered.

Prices of selected suppliers (as of 2013)

Multilayered herringbone
Natural oak wear layer 3.5 mm, W x H 70 x 490 cmparkett-store24.de46.90 EUR / sqm
Oak limed surface layer 2.5 mm, W x H 95 x 570 cmparkett-store24.de79.49 EUR / sqm
Massive herringbone
Oak dark smoked, W x H 125 x 750 cmparkett-agentur.at99.90 EUR / sqm
Natural light oak, W x H 70 x 500 cmedelboden.net34.51 EUR / sqm

Note the distinctive look

If the selected wood has a distinctive structure, the variety of parquet elements can create a restless and dominant look. Depending on the style of furnishing you should check the sorting before buying.

The lighter the surface of the herringbone parquet, the stronger the texture and grain may be. With darker varieties, with the exception of very dark surfaces such as the smoked oak, the soil pattern can be very noticeable.

Tips & Tricks

Herringbone is also available as engineered parquet with a factory pre-made sealant. For a more reliable joint protection, especially in heavily used soils, a subsequent complete sealing of the raw laid parquet is recommended.

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