Tips for buying maple parquet

Maple parquet has bright surfaces ranging from almost white to dark beige. Most of the approximately 200 species of maple trees that grow in temperate climates in the Americas, Europe and Asia, are used for the production of parquet or maple sycamore. He has the greatest material density and thus strength.

Resistant and insensitive

The maple parquet is characterized by a high toughness and elasticity at the same time and is considered hard medium heavy wood. The abrasion and the water sensitivity are low.

The small-pored wood is easy to clean and develops even with oiled or waxed surface a strong resistance. Dry well, it reacts only slightly to temperature differences.

Subtle look and discoloration

The texture and grain of the maple parquet are subtle, but can be worked out by pretreatments such as dyeing or staining. Often it is combined with a darker wood, such as when installing podiums or orbital depositions.

The wood of the sycamore has a white-yellowish color, which darkens over the years and can also turn yellow. North American maple is darker in color and the surface, which has a light brown surface, is more heavily grained than in European woody plants.

As native wood with a relatively fast growth and large occurrence maple belongs to the medium-price parquet wood.

Prices of selected suppliers (as of 2013)

Maple parquet
Canadian yellow-beige ship's bottomparkett-store24.de25,90 EUR / sqm
Canadian dark beige 3-bar sealedparkett-store24.de24,99 EUR / sqm
European mountain maple Beige ship's floor 3-bar sealedparkett-store24.de37,90 EUR / sqm
European sand whiteparkett-store24.de53,99 EUR / sqm

Watch out for discoloration

Watch out for blue streaks that signal the wrong drying of the wood, which can later cause cracks.

Despite its high resistance to moisture and water, Ahorn is not suitable for use as a parquet in wet rooms or outdoors.

When warming the parquet from maple, for example, by intense sunlight, the wood may turn to the darker.

Tips & Tricks

In rooms with a lot of light, such as conservatories or studios, the incidence of light should be adjustable if you lay parquet made of maple. Even sealants with UV-resistant parquet lacquers can reduce the discoloration and yellowing permanently, but not prevent.

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