Tips for buying old clinker bricks

One should not believe it - but there is quite a large market for old building materials. However, it does not necessarily correspond to what one is used to from a conventional building materials trade. Read more here.

Old building material in many versions

When restoring old houses, especially in buildings that are listed as historical monuments, restoration work requires building material as faithful to the original as possible. In recent years, a brisk market has developed here. When removing older buildings, the still well-preserved bricks and roof tiles are often "recycled" and put into storage for resale.

Historic building materials that are no longer produced today and that also bear authentic traces of weathering are often difficult to find. And of course that also applies to old clinker bricks in matching looks and sufficient quantity. But they do exist on a case-by-case basis.

Tips for buying old clinker bricks: bricks

Pricing is difficult here, as there is no "organized" warehousing, and prices are often based on both the quantity available and the criteria of rarity, and often negotiate freely between trader and buyer. Moreover, not all possible sources are always organized dealers, but often merely the owners of former historic buildings.

What to look for when buying

It is important, of course, first of all that you can get a sufficient amount of the old clinker bricks, which should come from one source if possible. "Patchwork" is often difficult - and may not look very nice in the end. In addition, you should have seen at least one pattern before buying, and can assume that the entire required amount is weathered evenly as evenly.

Tips & Tricks

You can search for merchant ads on the Internet - but you can also become active yourself by entering a search query in the appropriate forums for old houses and historic buildings. This often has more and faster success, and a free mostly very expert advice to forum participants you get right there.

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