Tips for buying parquet flooring from oak

Prefabricated parquet is already sealed at the factory and does not need to be processed after installation. In the case of floating installation, the ready-made parquet can be used immediately, with full-surface bonding after curing of the adhesive bed. It is available both lacquered and oiled and waxed parquet.

Largest selection of ship pattern

As parquet floors made of oak, the majority of parquet types are offered with large individual elements, the ship's bottom being the most widespread. For smaller-sized parquet associations laid on paper, nets, mats or plates laying units as the industrial parquet are offered as finished products.

The tongue and groove connection is the classic way of interlocking prefabricated parquet. The click technology simplifies the laying additionally and is especially present in multi-layer parquet.

Long life of the finished parquet

Oak prefinished parquet is produced as a multilayer parquet, in which an upper wear layer of three to ten millimeters is applied to support material such as plywood or pressboard. Alternatively, pre-finished parquet made of solid wood is available.

Due to the natural abrasion resistance and robustness of oak wood, sanding is less necessary than with other woody plants. Therefore, even a wear layer of five millimeters in multi-layer variants can ensure a very long service life, since almost one millimeter of wood is produced per grinding process.

Prices of selected suppliers (as of 2013)

Prefabricated parquet solid oak
Bright industrial parquet paintedparkett-store24.de52.95 EUR / sqm
Cube mosaicLight industrial parquet
Prefabricated parquet oak multi-layered
Bright ship's floor 3-bar paintedparkett-store24.de24,90 EUR / sqm
Bright ship's floor 3-strip UV-oiledparkett-store24.de25,90 EUR / sqm

Wear layer, re-oiling and joints

Since sanding produces up to one millimeter of surface removal, you should choose a wear layer of at least three millimeters to guarantee twice sanding.

With oiled engineered parquet, you should already buy the oil and wax used in the pre-processing of the parquet purchase in order to be able to carry out a later sorted care.

In finished parquet, the joints are joined together, but not sealed. There are special care products with which the joints can be treated. Keep it ready as your oak parquet works and can form gap fissures over time.

Tips & Tricks

If you want to oil or grow oiled prefinished parquet in spite of pretreatment, you will have to sand down the existing sealer slightly. Be sure to check the degree of saturation of the pretreatment because oak no longer possesses any suction power after sufficient oiling.

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