Tips for buying prefinished parquet

The selection of prefinished parquet is unmanageably large. Pre-sealed with varnish or oil, the products are practical and greatly increase the time to use the new wooden floor. Anyone who pays attention to a few points when buying meets his taste and receives quality.

Floating immediately accessible

The most common and widespread type of prefinished parquet is the laying of planks with tongue and groove as a ship's floor covering. The individual elements are easy to lay and available both as solid parquet and with multilayer construction.

Almost every wood is produced in the pre-treated form and is to be selected in oiled or lacquered seal. The lacquered prefinished parquet is to be entered immediately after a floating installation and after a few hours can be furnished again. For glued prefinished parquet, the curing of the gluten must be awaited according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Maybe regrow and treat edges

Oiled prefinished parquet can also be used immediately after floating, according to most manufacturers, but experts recommend applying a wax coat before using it for the first time.

The edges of the finished parquet are usually not sealed, so that even when buying separate wood oil for the aftertreatment of the open side edges should be done on the expansion joints to the walls out. In wet rooms, additional treatment of the edges with an impregnating agent is recommended.

Even small-scale parquet patterns such as a chopsticks or lamparquet are available as prefinished parquet. Here, the already assembled elements are mounted on a substrate such as a net or grid and oiled or painted.

Check delivered prefinished parquet immediately

Anyone who has pre-fabricated parquet delivered should immediately inspect the contents of the packages in order to identify possible defects. With every day of packaged storage, there is an increased risk that in the event of a claim, a wrong storage will be rejected, which excludes any warranty.

Tips & Tricks

If possible, you should make an odor test especially with oiled engineered parquet. Some wood oils and, to a lesser extent, parquet lacquers have a clearly perceptible odor, which, if not avoided, can seriously impair the quality of living.

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