Tips for buying concrete rings

Depending on whether you want to lay a sewer pipe, excavate a well or create a seepage pit - concrete rings are needed in many cases. Construction, equipment and prices are here but often significantly different.

Manhole rings in different designs

Chess rings are available first in different diameters and different heights. Usually around half a meter in diameter are up to one and a half meters in diameter - with a diameter of two meters concrete rings are almost exclusively used in the commercial sector.

The quality of the concrete also plays a role - there are different versions here, but each of them is standardized according to the DIN regulations and fulfills precisely defined criteria with regard to compressive strength. This is a guideline for individual projects, which type of concrete rings must be used.

Two versions: DIN 4034/1 and DIN 4034/2

The concrete rings with the sleeve are those that are taken into account in DIN 4034/1, while concrete rings with rebates fall under DIN 4034/2. Both are available in different concrete qualities and versions, for the shaft floor also with bottom part, optionally also with crampons.

Prices of selected suppliers (as of 2013)

Concrete manhole rings, bottom ring
Ring with bottom according to SR-FB DIN 4034/2, 1500 x 500 mmhoba-baustoffe.com281,54 EUR / piece
Ring with bottom according to SU-R DIN 4034/2, 800 x 500 mmhoba-baustoffe.com59,90 EUR / piece
Concrete manhole rings without bottom
Concrete ring, DIN 4034/1, with crampon, 1000 x 250 mmschierer.de37,50 EUR / piece
Concrete ring, DIN 4034/1, with crampon, 1000 x 1000 mmschierer.de81,60 EUR / piece

Pay attention to the requirements

There are specific requirements for each project that must be met. Since special designs of concrete blocks also increase the weight and the price often dramatically, it is advisable to stick to the minimum requirements - then you are on the lighter and cheaper side of the story.

Tips & Tricks

Make concrete rings into a raised bed in your garden - or use the concrete ring as the foundation for a truly rustic and completely indestructible garden table. In GaLa construction, concrete rings find a variety of possible uses in design.

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