Tips for care and weather protection for wood in the garden

Tips for care and weather protection for wood in the garden

Fences and wooden furniture give a garden a friendly and above all natural flair. However beautiful wood is as a material - in the garden, where it is permanently exposed to all weather conditions, it needs regular care in order to permanently preserve its beautiful appearance.

Because sun, rain, frost and the associated temperature fluctuations pose enormous challenges for wood. In the following article we will tell you what is important in the care and weather protection of wood.

Natural products for more healthy living

For example, a protective coating for garden furniture and fences is recommended. This should penetrate deep into the wood to fully develop its protective effect. Those who pay attention to maximum living health and ecology in the "open-air living room" should pay special attention to the ingredients of the protective coating. Optimal are natural products that do without synthetic biocides and solvents. The special garden furniture and garden wood oils from Biopin, for example, combine reliable impregnation with environmental friendliness.

This is also interesting in view of the new biocide regulation, which came into force in September 2013 in Europe. After all, all biocidal products must undergo strict authorization procedures, such as environmental risk assessments. In order to completely exclude risks for humans, nature and animals, one should preferentially resort to biological alternatives. Properly applied, environmentally friendly products can outstrip chemical agents in the long term.

Permanent protection against wind and weather

Especially wooden fences are exposed to the weather in the garden particularly intense. Since moisture can hardly be avoided, one should maintain wooden fences, at least with a Zaunpflege- or garden wood oil. These special oils impregnate the wood and can sometimes even refresh weathered wood. In the case of carports, doors, windows or log cabins, you should resort to solvent-free, breathable weatherproof paints or glazes in terms of weather protection.

The right kind of wood for the garden

By the way: Wood for the garden area is divided into two qualities: in hardwoods, such as teak or mahogany, and in softwoods, such as spruce or pine. Hardwoods are mainly used for garden furniture, while softwoods are used in fences and carports. When buying wood care products, you should always make sure that they also fit the existing material.

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