Edit titanium - slowly and carefully

Titanium requires a lot of skill during processing. The practical and lightweight metal offers many uses, but is difficult to work with. As a home improvement, you should therefore consider carefully whether it makes sense to work on titanium itself. Here are some tips on how to handle Titan properly.

Titanium drilling - low cutting speed

When drilling titanium, experts recommend the addition of chlorinated cutting oils to reduce friction. This results in less heat and the titanium does not become so brittle. In addition, a low cutting speed must be set on the drill.

Deforming titanium

While pure titanium deforms relatively easily, the brittle alloys of titanium can be deformed poorly or not at all. To overcome the brittleness and deform the titanium workpiece, you can heat it to about 500 to 600 degrees. This should significantly improve the deformability and prevent cracking.

Welding with inert gas

When titanium is melted, it absorbs a lot of nitrogen and oxygen. This makes the material very brittle and can even break. Therefore, titanium must be welded with inert gas. It is even more difficult when titanium is to be welded together with other metals.

Cut titanium

When cutting titanium must also be paid to a few points. Thus, the low specific temperature and the thermal conductivity can heavily stress the cutting tool. This can also lead to a breakage of the tool cutting edge. You should therefore take all protective measures, so that in the worst case, not the parts of the tool fly in the face.

Gluing with the tool

If titanium is cut at too high a speed, it can get so hot that it bonds to the respective cutting edge. The titanium is then glued or welded to the cutting edge. Therefore, you should always cut titanium at a very low speed to prevent this problem.

  • Drilling at low cutting speeds
  • Titanium welding with inert gas
  • Shapes of titanium only under heat
  • Cutting titanium at slow speed

Tips & Tricks

Before you get a special tool and possibly ruin some workpieces completely, ask a local metalworker if he will work on the titanium for you. Most small work costs only a few euros and are not worth the nerves, it costs to work on the titanium itself.

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