Sawing titanium - that's how it works

Titan has also found in the home improvement sector more and more lovers. Therefore, from time to time, it will be necessary to saw a titanium workpiece. Whether it's a simple titanium plate or a titanium seat post for the bike, titanium is rather difficult to work with. We will show you how titanium can be processed right away.

Contact pressure and coolant

Even with a normal hacksaw can be sawed titanium. But there are some things that need to be taken into account so that the titanium does not stick to the saw blade and ruin the saw. Incidentally, the titanium itself is also damaged at too high a working temperature and loses its particularly toughness and strength.

Although the cutting edge must be constantly cooled during sawing, a high contact pressure is still required during the sawing process.

  • high contact pressure during sawing
  • constant cooling of cutting edge and workpiece
  • reduced speed

Tough and low elasticity

Due to the high toughness of titanium, a large amount of heat is generated during sawing. The low elasticity still supports this process and makes the sawing of titanium a real challenge for man and saw. The entire sawing process must therefore be tailored to the material. The type and addition of the coolant plays just as big a role as the speed of sawing.

Which saw for titanium?

Ideal are carbide-tipped saw blades for machining titanium or coarse high-speed steel blades. These should have four teeth per inch of cut surface. If you want to saw particularly thin-walled titanium, a fine serrated blade will give a good result.

Speed ​​when cutting

In contrast to cutting steel, Titan's speed must be about a quarter lower. If you use a circular saw, the speed can be selected higher, but special attention should be paid to cooling. With a band saw, the speed should also be throttled and at the same time the cooling should be increased.

Tips & Tricks

When sawing titanium that has a hardened surface, it should be removed first. For both twisting, blasting or grinding is suitable. If the hardened surface is not removed, the saw blade becomes dull prematurely. This in turn extends the processing time and increases the effect of heat due to friction. This in turn leads to damage of saw blade and workpiece.

Video Board: Cutting titanium with a band saw.