Titanium cut in 3 steps

Tips & Tricks

Cutting titanium is not easy. Above all, the speed in this work must be adapted to the resistant material. Despite the often difficult processing, however, titanium is also becoming increasingly popular among DIY enthusiasts and is therefore used more frequently. How to cut titanium cleanly and easily, we show you here.

Titanium cutting - an example

In our example, we want to cut a titanium seat post. Especially the parts of modern sporty bicycles are today very often made of titanium. The light metal offers many advantages, one of which is the high load capacity of this material.

Step by step cutting titanium

  • Seat post titan
  • coolant
  • Flex
  • cutting wheel
  • saw

1. Select cutter

Titanium cuts relatively well with a diamond disc and a flex. However, one problem is usually the speed at which cutting is done. You should choose a cutter that allows you to regulate the speed. Due to the high speed, a strong frictional heat is generated, which leads to sticking of the titanium to the disc or blade. The cutting disc is not only extremely quickly worn, but it can also dissolve and become a danger.

2. cooling

Special coolants for cutting titanium and similar materials are mostly made from oils. If you only want to cut this one seat post once, you do not need to buy a coolant extra. If necessary, engine oil can simply be used. You also have the option of not cutting the support in one go. So you can drop off in between to use the natural cooling.

3. Cut slowly

Reduce the speed when cutting by at least one third. If your Flex does not have this kind of function, in the worst case, you can also work by hand with a hacksaw. That may not go so fast, but prevents heat cracks in the Titan, which can otherwise arise.

Tips & Tricks

If you do not dare to cut the said seatpost, you can go to a metalworking company nearby. The professionals can cut the support in a very short time without damaging the material or the equipment. Most of the time you will get away with a small donation for the coffee.

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