Etch titanium

Due to its high strength titanium is very difficult to work. However, titanium is still a popular material that is light and strong at the same time. Especially in electronics and medical technology is often set to titanium. Titanium hardly expands when exposed to heat and is resistant to most bodily fluids. Where titanium is now etched in Europe, we show here.

Resistant to acids

Most organic acids can not do anything with titanium. Both hydrochloric acid and dilute sulfuric acid or cold nitric acid do not dissolve titanium. Even a lye such as sodium hydroxide can not damage titanium.

Concentrated sulfuric acid

As the only acid, concentrated sulfuric acid manages to dissolve titanium slowly. But violet titanium sulphate forms. When using chlorine gas for the etching of titanium, there is even a danger of explosion.

Titanium parts etched in Europe

So far, it has not been possible to etch titanium in series production in Europe. Only in the US was it possible to etch titanium. Of course, this meant high delivery costs and significantly delayed delivery dates. In addition, there was the risk of increased costs due to price fluctuations.

Since the beginning of 2015, Predision Micro has been able to etch titanium with a new etching line. This makes it the first company that can realize this work in Europe. Not only prototypes are now manufactured at Precision Micro, also mass production of millions of copies can be manufactured on the company's new etching line. The same tool is used in most cases.

Photochemical etching of titanium

Only by a photochemical etching is it possible to produce titanium parts that are absolutely free of burrs. If titanium parts are processed by conventional means, such as cutting or drilling, the material properties can be lost due to the heat generated during machining. Due to the photochemical etching, the material remains completely stress-free.

  • smooth channels
  • smooth surface
  • free of burrs
  • no bumps

Tips & Tricks

While other titanium machining is difficult, but with some patience and skill in an emergency, even by a home improvement, you should absolutely refrain from etching the metal.

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