Grind titanium - but slowly!

Since titanium is used by home improvement and model builders in many new areas, it often has to be milled or ground. However, titanium is a somewhat more difficult candidate, because it likes to stick to the cutting edge or the abrasive medium due to the friction heat. How you can grind titanium, we show you here.

Grind by hand - cool titanium

The best way to grind titanium is by slow grinding by hand. But that is of course not very timely. In addition, you should even provide it with cooling, so you do not increase in your zeal the frictional heat too much.

Inhibit welding tendency

If titanium becomes too hot during grinding, so-called sanding cracks can occur. Titanium gets so hot that these cracks burn into the interior of the metal like a fire. You need to reduce the high tendency of titanium to weld by cooling it. In addition, this Verschweißneigung is inhibited by a reduction in the operating speed.

Burning chips

While other machining operations such as turning and milling are very difficult with titanium, grinding also causes particular problems. Since usually a larger area is processed with the grinding medium, the workpiece creates a particularly high coefficient of friction.

The special chemical and physical properties of titanium not only lead to the mentioned tendency to weld and the smearing of the surface of the titanium, but also to a veritable burning. The chips that are produced during grinding and drilling can even ignite and burn.

Avoid silicon carbide discs

Certain abrasive materials, such as a silicon carbide disc, produce increased sparking. This sparking in connection with the easily combustible dust residues of the grinding process is literally a fire hazard. If these discs are used, you should pay attention to an increased coolant supply. However, alumina discs are better because they are not so prone to sparking. Unfortunately, these discs on titanium but dull quickly.

Tips & Tricks

In addition to the use of coolants, you should always pay attention to a sufficient self-protection when grinding titanium. Wear both eye protection and good leather gloves. When working with titanium, it is certainly not a bad idea to work outdoors, as the risk of fire here can not cause such bad effects.

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