Cleaning a lambskin rug depends on the tanning process

A carpet made of lambskin is a popular underlay because of its warming and extraordinary softness, especially for infants and toddlers. The lambskins are tanned in different ways. This will determine the washability of the carpet or methods of cleaning it otherwise from the fibers and leather.

Three types of tanning determine washing ability

In principle, cleaning a lambskin rug reduces washing, drying, brushing and airing. In most cases, lambskin, which is processed as a carpet, so tanned that it is washable or at least partially washable. Conditional washability will always leave a residual risk as to whether the lambskin will become fully functional and comfortable again. There are three types of tanning that determine the degree of washability.

Washable lambskins

Tanning with relugan produces fully washable lambskin whose carpet is often used as a baby fur. These lambskins can be washed in the washing machine in the wool program without spinning and pumping out at most thirty degrees Celsius. A hand wash in the bath is gentler and often requires several soaking and rinsing.

Processing due to washable lambskins

After plant tanning lambskin carpets are basically washable, but in particular the leather can stiffen by the washing process and the subsequent drying. A hand wash in cold water with special grease is recommended. The stiffened leather can be made supple with baby oil or milking fat again. A cold machine wash can work, but it carries the risk of destroying the lambskin.

Non-washable lambskins

A lambskin rug that is clearly not washable has to be chemically cleaned in a professional cleaning shop. They were tanned with alum, which is also referred to as mineral tanning, Tonerdegerbung or white tanning.

All washed and well-groomed lambskin rugs should dry like woolen clothing lying flat on an absorbent pad. The regular airing can be done in a suspended state and a shaking removes loose dirt particles.

Tips & Tricks

As a general, cleansing care measure you should comb the lambskin regularly with a special brush. The fibers should untangle without being pulled out. The linting of a wool rug guarantees softness and dirt protection by wool grease.

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