Garden steps on the hillside - what to look for

Many a slope in the garden is just too steep and too high to climb without a step solution. In addition, the grass on the slope quickly turns brown and leaked, if you always take the same route. Therefore, you should create a garden staircase on the slope. We show you the possibilities for this here.

Different ways up the slope

Depending on the difference in height and slope angle, another solution for a garden staircase on a slope is ideal. Then there is the question of how many people have to move about these stairs every day and possibly how old these people are.

  • block stones
  • concrete slabs
  • paving stones
  • decking
  • railway sleepers
  • grass stages

Concrete and stone

Normal patio slabs made of concrete or natural stone are a cheap solution for a garden staircase. Especially as they adapt perfectly to the surface of the actual terrace. In addition, these materials are not sensitive to frost and do not rot. This makes them particularly slip resistant in contrast to wood. Another advantage is that you can easily create this garden stairs with a little gravel.

Blocks and railway sleepers

Block stones and railway sleepers have both advantages and disadvantages. While the blocks are particularly heavy and can hardly be laid by the landlord themselves, they really last for eternity and are safe and non-slip.

Railway sleepers, however, look great in the garden, but are extremely slippery quickly, and if they lie directly on the ground, rotten these rotting wood in a few years. As they also become rotten inside, they harbor many dangers as a step.

oncoming traffic

If there is a lot going on on your staircase and people need to meet, a garden staircase should be at least 120 cm wide. In addition, it is better if the staircase is accompanied by a railing on both sides. So no passerby accidently steps next to the step and crashes.

Tips & Tricks

If you have plenty of time to take care of the stairs later, a staircase made of grass steps is very nice for a small slope. It blends in very harmoniously with the environment and yet facilitates the ascent clearly. Of course, you also have to mow here, so you should adjust the steps to the mowing width of your lawnmower.

Video Board: Easy Build Garden Steps