To give away bone stones - Tips to search

Especially in the field of commercial enterprises, which provide their operating and driving yards with concrete paving, sometimes large quantities of bone stones are ordered. The relatively low material price means that the companies have to give away the remaining stock.

On the Internet, there are classified ad portals, on which under the heading bone stones, H-patch or double-T-patch different amounts of bone stones are offered as a gift. At the following addresses you will find offers that you can narrow down with a filter to your living region:,,,,,, or

You need to check if the bones are new or used. An attached figure does not always allow conclusions to be drawn about the condition of the bone stones, as some providers use catalog images. They do not want to fool you with incorrect information, but show the bone stones unmistakably.

Schedule pickup and loading

An alternative to searching the internet is the search on site. Large construction projects with areas that need to be sealed, such as freight forwarders, taxi companies, market feeders or the like, often order over-capacity on bone stones to avoid any risk of material shortages. Here is the simple questions, if any overstocking should be given away. As with the majority of offers on the Internet self-pickup is required. If you provide them with your demand, you can reduce the costs of waste disposal for some companies or tradespeople. This also applies to building material courtyards of the municipalities, which often have to give away used bone stones from demolition actions. Of course, with your offer, you should already have researched in advance how and at what cost the pickup is possible. Bear in mind the high weight of even smaller quantities and the resulting loading problems. With a planned shipment by hand, the gift can quickly expand to a lengthy employment.

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