Lay the laminate and the right distance from the wall

In itself, laying laminate is not an all too difficult task for the home improvement. Due to the further development of the laying technique, it has become increasingly easier to process laminate professionally. Nevertheless, there are some things to watch out for, such as the right distance to the wall.

The right preparation is very important

Before it goes to work, of course, the substrate should be prepared accordingly for the laminate floor. So you should definitely check the surface for bumps and compensate if necessary, before you go to the laying of the floor covering. You should also make sure that the surface is sufficiently firm, clean and dry. There must be no residual moisture. It is also essential to use suitable material for laying under the laminate, such as a vapor barrier or the necessary impact sound insulation.

Which mistakes are made very often

There are always a few mistakes made when laying the flooring, which can actually be avoided easily. The most common mistakes are the following:

  • The floor covering was laid without a vapor barrier in the form of PE foil.
  • The ground was not leveled sufficiently.
  • When cutting obstacles such as door frames or heating pipes, mistakes are often made.
  • The laminate floor is not given sufficient time to acclimatize.
  • It is not maintained sufficient distance from the wall, which can have unpleasant consequences.

Why the distance to the wall is very important

Depending on the size of the room, a distance from the laminate to the wall of between 10 and 15 millimeters should be maintained. As a rule, it is necessary to cut the last row to fit it, for example using a jigsaw or a circular saw. Alternatively you can use a special laminate cutter. When cutting, make sure that the last piece is at least 50 centimeters long. The distance to the wall is so important because laminate expands and contracts at different temperatures. Similar to wood, laminate works from a similar material.

How to easily keep the necessary distance

The distance should, of course, not only be adhered to walls, but also to pillars or other obstacles that may be present in a room. To maintain an even distance to the wall or other objects in the room, it is best to use special spacers or spacers that are approximately 10 to 15 millimeters thick. Prior to laying the first row and later in the appropriate places, slide these spacers between the wall and the corresponding panels to maintain the desired distance both on the long side and on the shorter edge. After laying the flooring, you can then remove the spacers again. The floor was thereby laid floating, that is, he can work adequately. Unwanted gaps or a lifting of the soil are prevented.

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