Lay laminate on carpet

Carpets are certainly among the popular floor coverings. But at some point even the most beautiful carpet has seen its best days. Many do-it-yourselfers would like to take this opportunity to possibly lay another floor covering once. Floors made of laminate have been very popular for several years. At the same time, this raises the question of whether laminate can also be laid on carpet. Below we offer you all the answers.

Replace carpeting

Carpets are regularly vacuumed, from time to time there is a wet cleaning with carpet foam. In addition, many carpets will be entered with street shoes. But even if you treat your carpet very carefully - eventually the best material is exhausted. Because it is a pleasure to associate this momentum with bringing new momentum to a room, it is just as often considered trying out other floor coverings.

Laminate can be laid almost as easily as carpet - and it has even more advantages.

  • It is inexpensive
  • High quality and impressive motifs through modern production techniques
  • stable and resistant
  • inexpensive in purchase

Lay laminate on the carpet

The decision in favor of a floor covering such as laminate fell quickly. But at the same time the question arises, what to do with the old carpet. When informing about laminate, one or the other do-it-yourselfers may have read about the fact that in the case of a laminate floor an insulating layer in the form of a cork floor is recommended. It quickly raises the question of whether one could not use the old carpet instead. In addition to the impact sound insulation, there might also be a not to be despised thermal insulation.

Factors you should keep in mind when laying your laminate on carpet

On the internet, there are also numerous information and supposed experiences of other home improvement. Some of them actually write that they laid laminate on carpet - successfully. But that it was actually so successful, you should rather doubt. There are many reasons against installing laminate on carpet.

  • Laminate is glued or stuck (click systems, tongue and groove)
  • Mechanical effect of the laminate in relation to it
  • possible suction effect
  • insurance issues

Laying and mechanical action

Laminate is either glued or bonded together. For the latter installation, you can fall back on click systems or tongue and groove planks. The bonding of laminate on carpet can not be done anyway. Depending on the strength of the rug, however, joining or mending together will not work. Upon entering, the carpet gives way, the laminate must deform.

Laminate is not designed for such loads

In a jiffy, the first connections diverge. In the worst case, they tear. For very flat carpets without foamed pad this effect is eliminated. These would be, for example, very thin carpet tiles, which then usually have a stable rubber as a substrate. But here are other circumstances added.

Dirt and mites

Even here, the laminate will still feather minimal. This creates under the laminate surface pressure (entering) and relief (lift foot). You can displace this with air and put it back into the resulting vacuum. Not only dirt and house dust accumulate unhindered under the laminate. Mites also have an optimal breeding ground. They are also transported as the dirt when entering the outdoors. This can not only be critical for allergy sufferers.

Insurance and two full-fledged floor coverings

But insurance can also be a problem. If you have a water damage, it will usually be the household insurance that comes up for this damage. In the clauses is always read again that the first floor is replaced. Insulating floors are excluded because they are seen as part of a floor. But if there is a carpet under the laminate, the old carpet is clearly the first floor.

Tips & Tricks

Laminate should under no circumstances be laid on carpets, even if it is suggested by some supposed do-it-yourselfers. The damage to you could be significantly greater than the benefit. You can lay laminate on wood, tiles or plasterboard floors at any time. In addition you will find articles about the laminate itself in the house journal.

Video Board: Carpet to Laminate in 2 minutes