This is how to best maintain your waterbed

To increase the life and prevent the water from getting bad inside, a waterbed must be regularly cleaned and cared for with special cleaning products. What needs to be maintained and how to do that, you can find out here.

From time to time, the vinyl surface of the waterbed needs care with special products to keep it from becoming hard and brittle, leaving it soft and supple. The interior of the water mattress must be maintained. Since our tap water is not always 100% clean and certain pollutants can be in the water, the water must be added to a medium that prevents water from tipping over.

The care measures at a glance

  • Every day: air the mattress
  • Every 2 - 3 months: clean the mattress
  • Annually: Fill conditioner
  • As needed: wash the covers
  • As required: vent waterbed

Ventilate mattress

After standing up, beat your blanket back for a few hours to let the moisture evaporate at night. Since the vinyl surface is not absorbent, moisture can not be absorbed. If the mattress is permanently wet, sooner or later you will get unpleasant odors.

Clean the mattress

Just as the mattress is not absorbent, stains of sweat or other liquids are produced which are expelled at night. Therefore, the waterbed should be cleaned every two to three months, if necessary more often, with a special cleaning agent. Be sure to use a special vinyl cleaner! Clear water permanently hardens the films. Remove the stains with the cleaner and then wipe everything properly dry.

Cover cover wash

A blanket is important because - as I said - the vinyl surface does not absorb moisture. For the cover is there. If you e.g. sweat a night heavily, you would swim without a blanket quickly in your own sweat. This blanket and all sheets and blankets must of course be washed regularly in the washing machine or in the cleaning to avoid odor.

Vent the waterbed

Bacteria in the water in the waterbed can cause the formation of air bubbles. Therefore, the mattress must be vented now and then. If you hear airborne noise in your waterbed, venting is urgently needed. How to bleed your waterbed yourself, you can read here step by step explained.


Put a conditioner (a whole bottle) in the mattress once a year. This prevents the water from tipping over. Make sure that you always use the same product, because not all products can handle each other. Write down when you have filled which conditioner, so you do not forget the refill!

Tips & Tricks

Never use home remedies or regular detergents to clean your waterbed. These can attack the vinyl and cause damage in the longer term.

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