Tips to lay the foundation earth

Foundation earths are an important part of the protection system of buildings - accordingly, care must be taken when laying. Here you will learn everything about the possibilities and the correct procedure.

Foundation earth as an important protection device for the building

The foundation earth electrode is the protective device deepest in the building to protect against electrical damage. It is connected to all earthing conductors and protective equipotential bonding conductors in the house. In the event of an error, the power supply is interrupted by the protective device.

The foundation earth forms a closed ring around the foundations of the building, to better protect it from corrosion, it can also consist of welded reinforcements with a corresponding reinforcing flag as a connecting lug.

Lay Foundation earth electrode step by step

  • Foundation earth of band or round steel
  • if necessary, the reinforcement foundations can also be used
    terminal lug
  • welding machine

1. Planning of the foundation earth

At the beginning, it is necessary to determine whether the foundation earth is to be made of an extra steel ring or whether it should be welded by welding the reinforcement parts. Accordingly, then changes the material requirements, and the procedure.

The position of the connection lugs must also be planned - according to DIN regulations, you must exit at least 30 cm above the basement floor and be led out at least 1.5 m free.

2. Foundation earth in concrete

If you use reinforced concrete, you must lay the foundation foundation on the lowest reinforcement layer along the perimeter foundations of the building. If the building is larger than 20 m on one side, you also need to create cross-connections.

When laying in unreinforced concrete, however, you must use so-called spacers.

3. welding work

If you lay your foundation earth in concrete, it is sufficient to weld the ring and attach the connection lugs accordingly.

When using reinforcing elements as foundation earth, you have to do more welding work. Be sure to pay attention to a correct installation of the foundation earth.

Tips & Tricks

It is easier if you take the foundation ground into consideration when planning the foundation - this will save you work later on. For the retrofitting of an old house with a foundation grounding you have to plan and proceed differently. It is best to consult a specialist for this.

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