Putting concrete edge stones is a simple task

When setting concrete edge stones only a relatively inexpensive substructure is necessary. However, this should not be waived in any case, in order to avoid later loosening of the concrete bricks. Depending on the stone size and load type, it may be advisable to create a proper strip foundation in some cases.

Base or foundation

Most concrete curbs are set as optical boundaries and have limited to no functional significance. They can include paths and lawns, or separate beds and borders. For these assemblies laying in a stone and mortar bed is sufficient, which is similar to the casting of a concrete base.

If the concrete curbs are placed between two different floor heights, for example to form steps or fixtures, the creation of a foundation should be considered. It should be noted that a frost-proof foundation must have at least a depth of sixty centimeters and the stone depth is added.

Forms of concrete edging stones

Concrete edge stones are available in different shapes, sizes and sizes. Typical shapes are uneven beveled cuboids, which form a "half trapezium" and are also known as curbs. Rectangular rectangular blocks or slabs are also used for the delimitation or attachment of individual garden and land sections.

How to put concrete edging stones

  • Gravel or grit
  • Ready-mixed concrete or
  • Cement and
  • shingle
  • water
  • shovel
  • Possibly pickaxe
  • Rammer or shaker
  • guide
  • rubber hammer
  • spirit level
  • trowel

1. Excavation

If your concrete curbs will have little or no load, raise a trench twenty centimeters deep over the entire length of the stones. If necessary, compact loose ground with the rammer or pounder. For contaminated fortifications, pour a regular concrete foundation.

2. Fill gravel

Fill the excavation in several steps so that at least one third of the concrete edge height can be accommodated under the floor. Compact each gravel layer individually.

3. Pour the concrete bed

Pour a viscous mixed concrete in a layer thickness of about five centimeters on the gravel. Distribute the concrete evenly.

4. Put stones

Place the concrete curb on the concrete and align it horizontally with the spirit level and placement strokes and on the guide cord.

Tips & Tricks

Immediately remove with the trowel when setting any swelling concrete mortar so that it does not start to harden.

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