The best ways to remove emulsion paint from the floor

Emulsion paint is water soluble when wet, so you can easily dilute it and clean the brushes on the sink. But once it dries up, it is moisture resistant and very firm. Color drops on the floor should therefore always be removed when wet, then it is easiest. But even with dried stains, there are still good opportunities.

After painting: How to remove emulsion paint from the floor

Even damp stains simply wipe off with a cloth and a lot of warm water, dry emulsion paints can usually be soaked a little at least. Place a wet rag on the dry stains and scrape them off after a few hours with the spatula.

This works well, especially on rough screed, but on sensitive flooring, prolonged exposure to water and scratching scrapers are less desirable. If your flooring is suitable for hot steam cleaning, this may be the key to problem solving:

Under the influence of hot steam, the dried stains soften a bit so that they can be removed with a plastic or wooden scraper afterwards. For smaller remnants, simply help with your fingernails. Then wipe with a damp cloth!

Remove emulsion paint from tiles without scratching

Your bathroom tiles got a few unsightly spots of color? To ensure that they are clean again without leaving any scratches, you can best reach for the Ceran field scraper. Carefully scrape off the surface at a shallow angle.

Ceramic tiles can then be washed well with thinner, so that even the last streaks disappear. At the very end you should thoroughly wash with water and a little detergent: done!

A handy tool for removing small dispersion stains is also the household sponge: With its rough side and a little patience, the paint can be removed layer by layer - but only on really scratch-resistant surfaces use!

Tips & Tricks

A thorough covering saves a lot of rework: If you paint your walls, put foil and cardboard on the floor, also painter felt does not let paint through.

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