How to expertly replace the gasket on the freezer

Dysfunctions in the freezer can be detected by increased power consumption, loud noises or increased ice formation. The cause of these faults is usually a defective door seal. If it does not close properly, it must be replaced with a new seal.

Detect defect

With an intact seal, the door of the freezer can only be opened with a certain resistance. The reason is the negative pressure, which arises with the optimal door seal inside the device. So if you can easily open the door, the door seal is porous or it has other damage.

Customer service or own contribution

The after sales service of your equipment manufacturer will replace the gasket free of charge if you are still eligible for warranty service. If the warranty has already expired, you will pay for the repair of spare parts and for the technician's time. Some companies also charge a flat rate for getting to your home. A replacement gasket is not expensive and you do not need a special replacement tool. With a little manual experience, you can make the seal change yourself.

You need this for the seal change

  • screwdriver
  • Carpet knife or craft knife
  • Plastic scraper
  • Alcohol cleaner and rag
  • door seal

How to replace the seal

Before you start repairing, turn off the freezer or unplug the power cord. Open the door as much as possible. Using a screwdriver, move piece by piece under the seal and pry off the guide. Old seals can be glued. Remaining stick the seal on the door, remove it with a plastic scraper and clean the surface with spirit cleaner. Place the new seal in a corner and push it into the guide inch by inch. Do not cut off excess pieces of fabric until you have fully inserted the seal with a sharp knife.

Tips & Tricks

The new seal is available from specialist retailers on site or online. Make a note of the exact type designation of your freezer for the purchase. Door seals are available as original spare parts for your cooling unit, cut to size or sold by the meter.

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