How to set up your study perfectly

The interior of the study is relevant for all those people who often need or want to work from home. In this case, the device as such is a relatively high priority, because after all, productivity also largely depends on how the room is set up. It should not only be quiet and have a suitable atmosphere, but can also be individually decorated.

Ergonomics is the most important aspect in the study

Anyone working from home in the home office knows the problem. The study is not comparable to the one in the office at work, the decor is very different. But all this does not necessarily have to be worse if you consider some essential criteria when setting up.

The most important aspect in the home office is ergonomics. This includes all conditions that facilitate the work in the following way:

How to set up your study perfectly: study

The study should allow the best possible productivity and contain no disruptive factors.

  • A good desk with the appropriate height
  • A good desk chair that can be adjusted
  • A good lighting
  • Possibly. also a lectern

Not to be missed when setting up the perfect office chair with the right seating position. Unfortunately, even in companies, it often happens that this point is ridiculed. It is known that sitting is the most damaging posture for the back, not standing.

A good office chair can thus be adjusted in height, in the inclination and in the seat depth and ideally also the armrests can be adjusted in height and width.

Good lighting and quiet should be respected

While the study should above all be bright and friendly, it should also be designed exclusively for work. To create the best conditions for working, good lighting is recommended. This is best ensured by a powerful desk lamp and a corresponding ceiling light.

How to set up your study perfectly: desk

With good lighting, you can work better on the desk and prevent tiredness.

The desk lamp can be placed in one of the desk corners. If the room is to be air conditioned on hot summer days, an air conditioner or a fan can be purchased. However, both must be checked before purchasing in terms of noise level, as, for example, unpleasant whistling sounds can distract from the work.

  • Likewise, even a TV in a study has lost nothing
  • Instead, a reading corner can be set up so that you do not have to sit at your desk

Storage space and accessories must also be present

Very important in the study is also the presence of enough storage space. All sorts of materials can be stored in a space-saving way and are not in the way if you do not need them. Storage space can and should be designed in such a way that it still allows a certain order. Nothing is worse than having all loose notes disappear in one drawer, for example, and then you will not find anything again. Valuable accessories are also part of every study, such as the following:

  • Enough pens and markers
  • PC or laptop and possibly monitor

Incidentally, one should always make sure that enough liquid is available in the study. Mental work at the desk also requires strength and thought processes in the mind are still the best with a balanced fluid balance.

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