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  • Toasters are not just for just heating toast and rolls - the possibility of Regulation of the roasting stages gives the toast an individual roasted aroma.
  • With multi-headed families, it is advantageous to get one 4-letter-Toaster in order to reduce the waiting time for the supply considerably.
  • thanks to the defrost Many toasters offer the opportunity to thaw toasts and bread slices without roasting them.

Toaster comparison 2018: comparison

Toasters are an indispensable part of German households. Proud 94 percent of households have at least one toaster, according to Statista. This places the toaster in terms of popularity in front of the kettle and even the coffee machine. Whether a toaster made of stainless steel or as Langschlitztoaster: Meanwhile, there are countless types of different toaster from well-known manufacturers such. Krups offer a wide range of functions.

In our toaster comparison 2018, we offer a buying guide to find the best toaster for you, which sweetens you or your family in the future the morning.

1. The secret star among the kitchen helpers

Toaster comparison 2018: toast

The first toaster was patented in 1908 and saw the light of day just a year later. Of course, the toaster of that time is not comparable to today's toasters - especially in terms of functionality.

Contemporary toasters can roast not only toasts, but also bread, rolls and even special schnitzel ready to eat within minutes. You have the opportunity to determine the degree of browning yourself and to roast your individual toast.

2. These features provide modern toasters

The features available and the toaster design are the key criteria that are crucial in choosing the most suitable toaster. These Multifunction toaster There are a variety of ways to help prepare breakfast.

In order to keep track of the many functions, we have compiled the most important ones for you and explained them in more detail:

Number of browning levelsThanks to different browning levels you can use the different degrees of roast set exactly. So the morning toast or bread can be enjoyed in the desired tan.
defrostThanks to the defrosting function, toasts or slices of bread can be served defrost without roasting.
Reheat buttonAnyone who has toasted the toast in the morning rush, but lets it cool again, can do it with himwarm up without roasting it again.
Automatic switch-off functionShould the toast tilt, the tanning process will be aborted.
Baguette buttonThis button is used to toast the bread or toast from one side only.
Roll top / bread rollThanks to this essay, buns can be heated over the toaster slots. Up to two rolls can usually be placed on a toaster top.
Bread slice centeringThis prevents the toast or slice of bread from being browned unevenly due to slipping.
raise buttonSo you do not burn your fingers on the slots, the toast slices are turned on using this button raisedso that the slices can be safely removed from the toaster.

Toaster comparison 2018: toaster

thermal insulationSignificantly, this prevents the device from becoming too hot when used intensively.
crumb trayThe Crumb Tray prevents too many crumbs of already toasted slices from accumulating in the soil over time and messing up the toaster. The drawers can be completely simply pull out and empty.
Adjustable degree of browningLike the number of browning levels, this function regulates the degree of browning of toast or slices of bread.
toasting timeThanks to an integrated temperature meter, a timely shut-off can be set here with which the degree of roast of the toast or bread can be specified even more precisely.
stop buttonThis button stops any roasting process immediately at any time so that the toasts can be removed.
Warming buttonThanks to this useful function, the toast can also be at a temperature after roasting be kept warmthat does not further toast the toasts, but keeps them warm.

3. The agony of (material) choice

Toaster comparison 2018: toast

With long slot toasters even up to three bread rolls can be placed on the bread roll attachment.

In addition to the function selection and variety, the look and the associated material are, of course, important purchase criteria for many.

material Science

Stainless steel: In contrast to the aluminum coating Stainless steel toaster not necessarily more expensive, but it does durable, to have a better heat protection insulation and are mostlystainless, When it comes to optics, stainless steel toasters are popular because, thanks to their design, they also go well with other kitchen gadgets.

Aluminum: Aluminum toasters convince primarily by her low weight, But apart from the optical aspect, there are no outstanding features that enhance an aluminum toaster.

Unique toasts: A start-up from New York offers with the toasteroid app the possibility to create toasts with individual texts or pictures.

4. Toaster at Stiftung Warentest

Stiftung Warentest had a total of 17 brands subjected to a toaster test in the 04/2016 issue. In addition to the functions also played the criteria Processing, handling, safety and environmental compatibility a role. Toaster test winner was the "Krups Control Line KH442" with the grade "good" (1.9).

If at the Stiftung Warentest another toaster test will be carried out in the future, of course you will find out here which equipment is concerned and which in the end has become the best toaster.

5. How much power does a toaster have to bring?

Toaster comparison 2018: 2018

The Tefal TT 5500 is even equipped with a mini pan for fried eggs or boiled eggs.

Since the time is crucial when roasting, an "ideal" wattage is difficult to define. However, the following guidelines should help you in choosing the right type of toaster:

  • 2-slice toaster: 800 - 900 watts
  • 4-slice toaster: 1,200 - 1,400 watts

So it's logical that one lower power a longer roast time pulls. However, the distance between the heating elements and the toasts also plays a role. Basically, it can be said that 4-slice toasters need more watts, as they have to provide a larger area with heat.

6. You should pay attention to this when cleaning a toaster:

The crumb-free toaster

It is well known that you are always smarter - in this case, it pays off to look at a so-called toaster before you buy it crumb tray.

Contrary to some assumptions is one pollution in the bottom area of ​​the slots not harmful to healthinasmuch as the toaster is used regularly. Because of the regular heat it prevents that any form of mold can develop.

Except for the outer casing, a toaster should not be cleaned wet, because the Heating spirals are not insulated, Also the putting in of cutlery should be avoided in any case! If your toaster does not have a crumb tray, even a mini vacuum cleaner can help.

The following video shows you why cutlery in a toaster has no business.

7. Questions and answers about toasters

7.1. When should buyers choose a 4-slice toaster?

A 4-slice toaster, of course, is worth a priority in a multi-person household. Whether family or shared flat: the double number of toastable slices saves a lot of waiting time in the morning.

7.2. What advantages does a long-slot toaster offer?

A Langschlitztoaster is technically hardly different from a 4-slice toaster. However, this can also toast slices that are too short for a commercial toaster due to their length.

7.3. What does "toaster american style" mean?

If you buy a cheap "American Style" toaster, it offers you one in most cases Extra large roasting trayto roast bagels or rolls on both sides. In rare cases, "toaster american style" but also meant toaster, which are technically nothing more than simple 4-slot toaster.

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