Converging: Tips to Design the Single Apartment in a Cuddly Nest for Two

Converging: Tips to Design the Single Apartment in a Cuddly Nest for Two: apartment

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At the beginning of a relationship, lovers want to spend every free minute together. Therefore, it is obvious that you look for a common apartment over time. Who contracts with his partner, makes a big and important step in the relationship. Often it makes sense that the partner moves into the single apartment - assuming that enough space. In this case it is worth the remodel former single apartmentso that the partner feels comfortable in it too. Because in one's own home one usually lives out his own ideas and wishes for decoration, which do not always correspond to the taste of the partner. To finally enjoy the togetherness, you should take the time and make the single apartment a cozy nest. We give eleven tips on how to do this. Garnished with your own ideas finally arises an apartment adapted to your common wishes, Our tips can be realized quickly and inexpensively. This will help you avoid quarrels about trivial things that can be detrimental to the relationship.

When is the right time to contract?

There is no such thing as the optimum time to decide when to contract as a couple. However, there are some signs that speak for a shared apartment. For many, it is a matter of course, but who wants to move together, must be aware that the relationship is designed to last. A rushed and hasty decision to let the partner move into their own home, may turn out in retrospect as a mistake. Finally, the one who offers his apartment for the partner, also gives up a piece of his freedom.

By yourself busy with each otherFor example, in a long vacation or if you spend several days together, you learn the Know your partner better with his little idiosyncrasies, In the course of a relationship you see the other with different eyes and put the so-called pink glasses of falling in love. In this way, you ensure that you can objectively assess the behavior of the partner and whether you even fit together. In the first shared apartment you spend your everyday life and must understand yourself even in difficult situations. Who makes his single apartment available, must also expect that it is no longer about their own retreat, but about the shared apartment. The partner who moves into the single apartment, on the other hand, enters a completely unfamiliar environment.

Requirements for the single apartment

Converging: Tips to Design the Single Apartment in a Cuddly Nest for Two: apartment

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So that the single apartment is indeed suitable as an apartment for living together, it must meet some conditions. A generous cut and a good location are especially important. It is not recommended to use a one-room apartment for the first common domicile. Even if you are so in love - you just need a retreat. Especially with different working hours, a separate bedroom is ideal.

An additional room is ideal as a study and maybe later used as a nursery. This saves you from having to have a baby later, a later move that is always associated with stress and high costs. Ideally, the apartment has one Good transport connectionso that both partners get on well.

Select the facility

Even if the single apartment is already equipped with furniture and furnishings, in the conversion to the couple's apartment are also Changes to the facility are absolutely necessary, For different tastes must compromise, so that both are satisfied and a partner feels not overlooked.

For example, if the single apartment is a little girl's dream in pink with pink pillows and matching furniture, it is quite possible that the partner would not feel comfortable here. On the other hand, the partner feels in a single apartment with football club decoration in the long term not comfortable. In this case, compromises are of particular importance.

make compromises

To have the same taste is rare with partners. Like the saying "Opposites attract" As already indicated, it is precisely the subtle differences that give a relationship its special charm. Compromising means, therefore, to unite the girlish playful with the male functional. The best way to leaf through informal furniture catalogs and try to meet on the lowest common denominator.

To be recommended timeless classic shapes and colorsthat you can combine with small accessories according to your mood. In order to save some money when setting up, you can also change the existing facility in this way. An example: Simply cover the pink cuddly cushions with a red or gray fabric. Instead of a fan scarf then adorns a classic table runner the living room table. Finally, the compromises also apply to the color scheme of the new living situation. Especially the color on the walls makes for a cozy atmosphere. While many men prefer a more practical and clean white, women with colors are far more adventurous. A compromise, for example, is that you only color a wall in the room, paint loose stripes or that neutral pastel colors dominate instead of striking bright colors.

Take a critical look at furniture and combine it cleverly

Converging: Tips to Design the Single Apartment in a Cuddly Nest for Two: tips

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If the partners from the former single apartment build a cozy nest, of course, the furniture question is in the room, There are already furniture in the apartment and the partner may bring his own furniture. Ideally, these furniture pieces fit together, but usually you have to make compromises here too. For while one prefers wooden furniture in the style of "rustic oak", the other prefers modern glass furniture or lacquered wood.

So before you plan to move in the partner are the Furniture part of a critical pattern, One way to combine different styles is to bring them together in one room. An example: in the living room you put the modern furniture with glass surfaces and painted surfaces, while in the bedroom furniture, side tables and other furnishings with untreated wood stand. If the wood species are severely different, an appropriate treatment of the surface can help. Furniture pieces that can not be combined at all have to be picked up by the bulky waste or interested people. Because in the common apartment is not enough space for all furniture. Against this background, you can easily plan new purchases that are still needed. However, you should not prematurely give away, sell or dispose of old furniture. Often it is enough to repaint a chair and to cover the seat with a new fabric. The same applies to cabinets that you can simply repackage with a wall tattoo or high-quality film. The embellishment of the furniture is great fun for two. Positive side effect: you save money.

The living room cuddly set up

Converging: Tips to Design the Single Apartment in a Cuddly Nest for Two: tips

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The living room is usually the center of an apartment. in the Heart of the new couple's apartment This room occupies a special place. In the device thus dexterity is needed. Although many men are not fans of green plants - they create a wonderful feel-good atmosphere. If one then agrees on the task distribution in the care of the plants, avoids minor disputes. What may not be missing in a cozy living room are candles. You can easily make cozy candles and even take advantage of the circumstance that you have too much dishes by merging the households. Just fill a pretty cup with heated craft wax and place in the middle a candle wick, which you attach to a wooden stick. When the candle wax is cold, you can enjoy the individual light source.

In addition, the couch An important point in the living room dar. Here you relax in the evening with a good book or an exciting movie. Is already a couch available, but optically not like the taste of the partner, it can be very simple color adjust with a throw, The advantage: you can change the substance replace as desired, wash in between or use for other purposes. So that it is really cuddly in the living room, we recommend a slightly wider sofa, on which you can also lie next to each other for two. A corner couch, on the other hand, offers the opportunity to retreat, so that everyone can pursue their own favorite pastime. But you can also do that with a separate armchair. Cozy cuddly blankets round off this oasis of well-being. Of course, a matching living room table is also part of the couch. Either you decide on a new model, or you adapt it to the rest of the facility. Glass tables with an underlying shelf ensure that it always looks tidy, but you always have access to the remote control or important magazines. A special tip: A cozy living room also includes matching Murals, because these areas quickly look bare and empty. Agreeing on a particular painting style is very difficult for many couples. But on the wooden frame, taut fabrics look particularly beautiful, which match the color and pattern of the rest of the living room.

Technical games and optimal space utilization

After all, in every well-furnished living room also the so-called HiFi Corner. TV, sound system and players complete a cozy evening. Usually, the outfit of this corner is the man's business. It is important that the shelving system offers space for all technical devices and does not disturb the harmonious whole in terms of color.

If you decide against a separate study and have enough space in the living room, offers a small corner for the desk on. Here you also put the computer under. If he or she is a real bookworm, it's best to build one in this corner small library on. This spreads a cozy and cuddly mood. With a few shelves and a metal ladder you round off this impression successfully. Of course, this tip also applies to the furnishing of the study. With a cozy armchairs and a reading lamp, the study also offers a retreat for book lovers on. Especially practical: a metal strip on the wall looks simple and elegant. It offers plenty of space for pictures and important documents that you can easily attach with ordinary magnets.

Comfortably furnished bedroom

Converging: Tips to Design the Single Apartment in a Cuddly Nest for Two: single

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Which room in the new couple's apartment is better suited for a cuddly interior than the bedroom? How to set up this room depends of course on how it looked before. For the partner, it may be too much of a good thing if the colors pink and pink and a canopy over the bed prevail here. For the partner, on the other hand, a sober and functional bedroom with slatted frame and mattress exudes little romance.

Again, it says: Make compromises! So that both can find a restful sleep and enjoy the romantic hours as a couple, a wide bed is necessary. Quality criteria also play an important role in the choice of mattress. If one partner keeps rolling in bed and the other partner has a restless sleep, two separate mattresses are better. A continuous mattress, however, ensures cozy cuddles. The problem here, however, is that you have to agree on a degree of hardness before buying. Remedy here two separate slatted frames with adjustment function, with which you can determine the degree of hardness individually. The compromises may include, for example, that one partner has a free hand in the interior of the living room, while the partner may take care of the common bedroom. There are many ways to make the bedroom look more cozy and cuddly Wall motifs for sticking and colorful curtains, A side table for each side of the bed finally gives you the chance to have your favorite books or magazines handy.

Wardrobe and wardrobe

Converging: Tips to Design the Single Apartment in a Cuddly Nest for Two: apartment

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For the cuddly nest for two is one wardrobe essential. When you come home, you will be laying down your jacket and shoes right away and make yourself comfortable in the shared apartment. The wardrobe, which is mostly in the hallway, should also provide enough space for the jackets and shoes of the visitors. If in the former single apartment an unsightly massive wooden wardrobe, you do not have to dispose of it immediately on the bulky waste. Just glue the wooden back wall to one happy wallpaper and you have an individual and modern storage option for your clothes.

If you want the wardrobe directly into the bedroom, the corridor or even in a separate room, always depends on the space of the former single apartment. The cliché says that the woman has far too much clothing and the man often only a small part of the common cabinet may occupy. Before you get together, it's worth taking a look at the current clothes inventory, Clothes that have not been worn for years can be donated to charity. Only then should one opt for a large wardrobe. A clothes rail provides enough space for shirts and blouses that are not allowed to wrinkle. When the budget is tight, a simple trick helps. Cut out of fabric simply a curtain for normal open shelves. So you get a spacious wardrobe quickly and easily and hide the content cleverly from prying eyes.

Set up a bath for feel-good lessons for two

Converging: Tips to Design the Single Apartment in a Cuddly Nest for Two: apartment

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For many, daily showering and bathing are relaxing rituals. Who is lucky and one bathtub can call his own, of course, this also for the cozy hours for two. With Candlelight and champagne gets out of your own bathroom romantic oasis of well-being.

A very popular variant of the bathroom equipment is through small accessories to bring a maritime flair. Shells from the last beach holiday or deco scents from the shop and matching stickers for the tiles turn the boring bathroom into a place to feel good. Deco vases filled with sand and shells complete this picture. Finally, blue stripes on the wall or bathroom furniture complete this look. Something fancier is the variant to set up the bathroom in the Asian style. Here are materials such as bamboo and possibly Chinese or Japanese characters as a wall tattoo used. Especially in the bathroom is the lighting crucial for the mood and the atmosphere. Frosted glass panels with colored or colorless LEDs mounted behind them provide a pleasant indirect light that your friends will envy. Who wants to install this lighting in the bathroom, should have some craftsmanship, because you have to fight in the bathroom with moisture. Especially with the wiring caution is needed.

Kitchen set up comfortably

Converging: Tips to Design the Single Apartment in a Cuddly Nest for Two: design

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Also for this area of ​​the apartment there is a certain saying: "The way to a man's heart goes through his stomach", Cooking a meal together is considered particularly romantic. Especially if you enjoy them together by candlelight and with a good wine. To make you feel at ease in the former single kitchen, you can also take care of the furnishings together.

  • Simply paint a wooden board painted in your favorite color with colorful circles (a template helps) and then attach small hooks. So find the many important household utensils a place and you will find them easier.
  • Mask a wall surface with masking tape and apply colored board varnish. With chalk you can now write down love messages, the shopping list or important telephone numbers.
  • Already existing kitchen furniture, which no longer correspond to the taste, simply stick with pretty wall tattoos.
  • You have a practical, but ugly extractor in the kitchen? Then just take a board in the appropriate size, paint it with table-cloth and hide the hood behind it.On the wipe-clean surface you can leave important notes and small love greetings with commercial chalk pens.
  • With oilcloths you can give unsightly shelves a new and fresh look. Just take the boards off the shelf and staple the desired oilcloth. With lace strips you refine the board edges.


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