Toilet - to test different dimensions

Every human being is built differently. But the toilet manufacturers have exaggerated the customization and actually built each toilet with different dimensions. This leads to the fact that the customer must measure the toilet before the purchase.

The height is important

The height of the toilet is the most important. It should be adapted to the physique of the residents. Especially for taller people too low a toilet is a real pain. Also for people with frequent back pain, a slightly higher toilet is recommended.

Of course, then a hanging basin is practical, because the client can choose the height here. We have found some examples of storage pools that are very different:

  • 460 millimeters to the top of the edge
  • 405 millimeters to the top of the edge
  • 530 millimeters to the top of the edge

Floor space of the toilet

Depending on whether it is a rinse aid or a flat rinse, the toilet is also different from the installation options in front of the cistern. The spout may be installed so that it can not be connected to the drainpipe.

Here are the most problems especially when replacing the old toilet. That's another point the customer needs to check before buying a new pool. Therefore, it is important to measure the position of the drain to the walls and cistern.

Otherwise the toilet might be directly under the cistern and no lid could be opened.

Wall inlet for the drain

Similar to the bottom inlet for the wastewater, the toilet bowl with wall inlet is often worked at different heights. Should this inlet be so low that none of the toilet bowls available today fits, there is nothing left but to pry open the wall.

Some examples of wall inlets that we found in the storage pools:

  • 160 mm center wall inlet
  • 180 mm center wall inlet
  • 100 mm lower edge wall inlet
  • 190 mm center wall inlet

Tips & Tricks

Theoretically very simple in construction are complete toilet systems, where the toilet bowl and cistern are one unit. But here too, attention must be paid to the position of the drain. Some old recycler have the drain ahead. A normal loo would then be far away from the wall.

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