Create a toilet lid yourself

Maybe one or the other readers can still remember the times when toilet covers were given a nice plush cover in the color of the WC rug. Granted, absolutely great hygiene did not necessarily radiate these "beautifications" if they were not removed and washed for a long time. Fortunately, these trends are now history. Nevertheless, many people want something individual in the toilet. But here, too, something must always be taken care of.

This is how the toilet lid can be designed

There have always been trends for individualizing toilets. Some can be argued, others are really smart. But with new manufacturing and printing methods also increase the possibilities when designing the toilet lid:

  • Toilet ceramic including toilet lid and toilet seat in one color
  • Toilet lid and glasses made of a certain material
  • Toilet lid and toilet seat made of acrylic glass with various inserts
  • illuminated toilet lid (LEDs)
  • foiled toilet lid
  • painted toilet lid

Orient yourself by how you treat the toilet lid

There are plenty of ways to customize your toilet lid yourself. First of all, you should be clear about what a toilet lid must "endure" everything. He is peeing, sharp cleaners and aggressive acids, for example, descale the toilet in contact with it.

In addition, extreme temperature fluctuations often occur in the WC, because the WC window is always kept open permanently in winter. Whatever possibility of individual toilet cover design you finally decide - all these influences the modified toilet lid must be able to do, at least for a certain period of time.

Sheets and prints can dissolve quickly

This applies, for example, the films that are applied to the toilet seat. In particular, harsh detergents that dissolve lime and urine scale and destroy bacteria can show undesirable effects even at the first toilet cleaning. For example, that the color can literally be wiped away. After all, costly printed toilet lid or even precisely fitting films for the goggles cost between 15 and 50 euros. If everything is gone with a wipe, that is less enjoyable.

The self-painted toilet lid

The same is true, of course, even if you really literally paint your toilet lid yourself with, for example, finger paints or felt pens and label, as it is proposed again and again on the relevant websites. Again, it is descalers, acids and toilet cleaners that bring with their aggressive effect the greatest risk.

How to protect your self-designed toilet lid

But there are ways you can protect your newly designed toilet lid. For example, you can apply a clear varnish after varnishing, painting or labeling and virtually seal the toilet lid. Then all you have to do is clarify that the clearcoat used will permanently withstand the aggressive toilet cleaners.

Even a toilet lid including a toilet seat made of fine wood can make you even more durable. In addition, such a clear coat can make the toilet seat look even nobler - depending on whether it should be semi-gloss or high gloss.

Differences in quality in apparently identical products

In addition, there are also toilet lids and seats that are printed or specially designed to buy accordingly. As an example, mention should be made here of LED lit toilet seats. Here you have to pay close attention to the overall build quality.

We once did the test ourselves and bought two different toilet seats with LED lighting. One in a reputed online shop, the other in an established online auction shop. On the presentations of the offer sides both products looked absolutely identical. During the subsequent unboxing came the angry awakening.

Pay attention to sales and return conditions

The cheaply acquired toilet lid deviated significantly from the apparently equivalent, but more expensive shop article. The LEDs were processed worse, including the acrylic toilet seat itself. The luminosity of the low-cost product was just as bad. Especially if you want to buy such a product to be able to design your toilet lid even better, you should always make sure that you can return the goods purchased without any problems and without stating reasons.

Tips & Tricks

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