Building a tomato house: A tomato greenhouse for the garden

Build a tomato house and plant delicious vegetables

Building a tomato house: A tomato greenhouse for the garden: building

A tomato house is a special tomato greenhouse for growing tomatoes. Tomato plants must be protected from cold and rain otherwise the fruits may become infested with late blight or brown rot.

A tomato greenhouse is so important because the tomato is native to the South of America and therefore one warm and dry climate neededto be able to mature. Pretty much the opposite of what prevails in Germany.

In a tomato house several perennials can be accommodated. These can already, if the temperatures allow, in the Grow on April to harvest in May to be able to.

Tomato greenhouses are usually either so-called foil tunnels or normal greenhouses. If you do not want to fit into the garden, then you should get involved individually adapted tomato house to build.

The film used must be under UV-resistant and translucent in all circumstances his. Such films can be bought in stores and are usually referred to as tomato domes.

In our greenhouse tomatoes are not allowed together with other plants are keptbecause the red vegetables need much less water than other vegetables.

Construction manual for a tomato greenhouse


  • Screw or clamping clamps
  • Folding rule or tape measure
  • marking gauge
  • bevel
  • Sharpener pencil
  • Settling saw or fine saw
  • Miter Saw
  • Drill with wood drill
  • Chisels and joiner's implements
  • 4 dowel tips
  • Sanding block and sandpaper

material list

  • 4 square wood pieces: 6 x 6 x 160 cm (frame parts)
  • 4 square wood pieces: 6 x 6 x 80 cm (frame parts)
  • 5 square stones: 6 x 6 x 180 cm (corner and side posts)
  • 2 square tiles: 6 x 6 x 200 cm (roof posts)
  • 6 square tiles: 6 x 6 x 45 cm (rafters)
  • 24 wooden dowels
  • wood glue
  • UV-resistant and translucent film
  • nails

Building a tomato house: A tomato greenhouse for the garden: building

The construction of a tomato greenhouse

Below we present a model with traditional wood joints like halving such as Slot and pin (Tenon length: 2 centimeters) before. The classic wood joints look very elegant and hold without additional fasteners such as screws or nails.

Who on the Optics of his tomato house and his garden in general, should therefore rely on traditional wood joints. The effort is worth it.

The self-built Glasshouse has a floor space of 160 x 88 centimeters, a frame height of 188 centimeters and a roof height of about 215 centimeters. The width and height of all timbers are 6 centimeters each.

The information in the construction manual but can of course the own needs and circumstances to be adapted in the garden.

Construction of the frame

Building a tomato house: A tomato greenhouse for the garden: tomato

The frame

First, the upper and lower frame of the tomato house needed. The two rectangles have a floor space of about 1.4 square meters and provide enough space for a hobby gardener.

In the construction of the tomato house with a connection of slot and pin are made of the ends of the short frame parts with a fine saw spigot cut out and into the ends of the long frame parts with a chisel Schlitze not only for the pins of the short side parts, but also for those of the four corner posts.

Building a tomato house: A tomato greenhouse for the garden: tomato

Slot and pin

Since the entrance of the tomato greenhouse should lie on one of the long sides, the two frames become on only one long side with one side posts connected. On the opposite long side, the entrance of the tomato house will be located. Each long frame part thus has four or five slots, as our sketch shows.

From the middle of the short frame parts will be as well notches for a Überblätterung supported, since at the front sides of the tomato house one each roof pillars is attached.

In a flush connection of two parts of the material must be removed by half the material thickness, so that when Assembling the counterparts the overlap as strong as the individual pieces of wood is.

Assembly of the skeleton

Building a tomato house: A tomato greenhouse for the garden: greenhouse

Assembly of the skeleton in the upper part

To build the skeleton for the tomato house, the two frames with the four corner and the one side posts are put together and glued. That's how it gets backbone our tomato greenhouse ever firm footing.

First, the lower frame is placed in a suitable place in the garden. Then the prepared corner and side posts are mounted. Subsequently, the completion of the skeleton with the upper frame.

As the sketches show, only two pieces of wood are used in the design with the inserted wood joints to the construction for the roof construction manufacture.

Building a tomato house: A tomato greenhouse for the garden: greenhouse

Assembly of the skeleton

In the two-meter-long roof posts are at the height of the lower and upper frame Ausfingungen for a Kreuzüberblattung worked so that the roof posts can be flush with the frame parts.

The upper end of the roof posts is processed in the form of a saddle roof to the rafter to be able to record. With a curve you will find the right angle.

Building a tomato house: A tomato greenhouse for the garden: house

cross overlap

In this case, the angle in the Top of the roof pole 124 degrees, A ridge purlin does not exist in our example.

Build roof and fairing

Building a tomato house: A tomato greenhouse for the garden: tomato

The rafters

With the roof construction with Overlapping on miter In the last building step no screws are needed. But you have to invest a little more time and effort to make the wood joints.

The six rafter are first processed at one end for a Überblattung miter. Normally, the overlap need no other means of connection except wood glue, since the contact area between the two counterparts is very large.

Building a tomato house: A tomato greenhouse for the garden: greenhouse

Overlapping miter at the rafters

However, the connection is particularly safe, even if screws, nails or wooden dowels are used. The connection looks best with continuous wooden dowels which can be flush with the wood and also decorative elements can be used.

The remaining ends of the rafters are beveled for connection to the upper frame and with four dowel holes Provided.

Again, there is one again bevel useful for transferring the angle of the roof post to the rafters. To find the right position for the round dowels To find the frame is best used dowel tips.

These are inserted into the drilled holes in the rafters and leave a mark with their thorns when the rafters are held in the desired position on the upper frame.

Building a tomato house: A tomato greenhouse for the garden: garden

Pocket holes

Alternatively, you can also drill pocket holes through the frame and connect rafters and frames invisibly with screws. The screws disappear together with screw heads in the wood.

Before the tomato cultivation can begin, still has the UV-resistant and translucent foil be attached. These can simply be placed over the wooden beams and position a few small nails.

If you want to make the whole thing even more weatherproof, the wooden beams should be treated with a special solution before building. In addition, you can instead of slide too Glass, acrylic or Corrugated plastic plates use to disguise the tomato house in the garden.

Those who are not familiar with the variant with the traditional wood connections or do not have the necessary tools for it, can also make a simpler one Model with metal angles build, which can be designed similar in construction and dimensions.

In addition to the metal angles you need enough screws and other components, which additionally reinforce the construction. This is what bFor example, diagonal battens or traction ropesthat prevent an upset of the tomato greenhouse.

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