Tool case Test: Tool boxes for your tools

Tool case Test: Tool boxes for your tools: tool

What you want to keep your tools in is a question that should not be taken lightly. A simple, Flaky plastic box can not be the answer to quality tool just as little as Grabbeltischwerkzeug in noble cow leather ambience.

Everyone should have the tool bag that suits him or her. We did the test and want to show you with which you can work long and reliably - with your tool case as a companion.

Test candidates at a glance

Dimensions in cm LxWxHmaterialequipmentprinciple of operationPrice (€)
Son Tools Concept Tool Case55x22x30Sheet metal, paintedLock, anti-slip insertsLidded compartment with drawers42,00
AluPlus Toolcase39x32x14Alu, PVCchangeable binssuitcase22,45
Hazet 190L-355x25x27plasticSmall parts boxes, aluminum locksCase with lid and 2 swiveling inserts65,00
Gedore tool case43x20x29Leather, plastic, aluminumStrap, aluminum corner profilesLeather case with lid and inserts161,30
Parat Parapro 633038x27x18
ABS Plastic"Military standard": air, water and dust proofPlastic case with insert114,40
Gedore toolbox21x53,5x22,5Sheet metal, paintedPadlock attachmentScissors box with 5 compartments120,70

Tool case with drawers by Son-Tools-Concept

Clever idea: one Tool case with drawers for many small parts Many do-it-yourselfers will find it very convenient.

Made of sturdy sheet metal and provided with slide rails on the drawers makes the Son Tools Concept case in blue a very good impression, All is smooth and worksEven a lock is already embedded in the box.

The existing ones Drawers are ideal for small parts or delicate tools; you could also use this box as a mobile small parts warehouse.

The Overall, painting makes a good impressionOf course, the smooth surface is not as insensitive to scratches as e.g. Hammered paint, but the quality of the work is fine.

The tin quality is also okay, overall, however, the sheet is quite thin, which is at the expense of torsional rigidity. You should not use this box as a step ladder substitute or improvised breakfast bench: The mechanism of the lid and the drawers seems a bit too filigree - here judge established German do-it-yourself land damage on.

Drawer Case Son-Tools-Concept: Pros and Cons


  • Drawers: No one else has
  • integrated lock
  • Slide rail mechanism of the drawers
  • good workmanship for the price


  • paint texture
  • sheet thickness
  • something "filigree" impression

Alu suitcase AluPlus-Toolcase: The basic solution?

Matt aluminum, chic briefcase look: what externally nice can convince only a little inside.

The AluPlus Toolcase, certainly priced the bargain in our test, can carry extremely filigree electronics tool through the area - for heavy stuff like hammer, ratchet and ring wrench set However, this suitcase is not suitablet.

Overall, the Suitcase very easyt, which of course provides a certain wearing comfort. from badly deburred plastic handle However, this is not true.

The entire Carrying material of the suitcase is extremely thin and, pardon, wobbly, Even the sorting partitions, which can be moved depending on the application, do not necessarily last a long time - you should be able to remove heavy, compact tools from the façon.

If you need a small additional case for lighter tools, you can access it here. For the price you do not go wrong. On The AluPlus Toolcase is certainly not the right stand-alone tool case.

AluPlus Toolcase: Pros and Cons


  • light
  • retractable inner bins


  • bad processing
  • lack of torsional rigidity
  • badly deburred (!) plastic handle
  • thin case shell
  • unstable partitions

Plastic case Hazet 190L3 - by professionals, for professionals

Tool case Test: Tool boxes for your tools: your

Plastic case Hazet 190L3

Hazet stands for Quality tool from Remscheid - this is the requirement for the stable plastic case Hazet 190L3.

Here everything snaps and fits right away; there are enough compartments for small items and two very sturdy locks.

On solid Aluminum handle carries the case from place to place of use, the two hinged on sorting compartments slide smoothly on and to.

Overall, the Hazet is very balanced: he offers a lot of volume, thanks to the light and well-made plastic housing a relatively low weight and also tolerates the transport of larger and heavier tools easily.

He is not even expensive at the top three: With about 65.00 Euro he is relatively cheap for a branded product "made in Germany"; Warranty and customer service includede.

Click here for details of this product on Hazet 190L3: Pro and Contra


  • processing
  • price
  • high functionality
  • mass
  • many lockable shelves for small items
  • stable locks
  • stable, comfortable carrying handle


  • -

Leather tool case by Gedore: Nobel and practical at the same time?

Tool case Test: Tool boxes for your tools: tool

Leather Tool Case by Gedore

Undoubtedly a stylish eye-catcher: the most expensive and at the same time certainly the most beautiful tool case in this test comes from the Bergisches Remscheid and would with his rustic cowhide look also fit in the living room.

Two sturdy locks secure the case against unintentional intrinsic and external opening Strap as a unique selling point The Gedore offers a high transport functionality.

Above all, of course, this is noble suitcase the pretty high price: Everything the Gedore can functionally can do, plastic boxes too.

The However, the quality and workmanship of the product is so permanently investedThat you should already think about which of your (future) grandchildren will inherit the suitcase later.

Conclusion: Who has noble tool should keep it in this suitcase. For Wühltischschraubenzieher here is no place!

Click here for details of this product on Gedore Leather Case: Pro and Contra


  • noble look
  • perfect workmanship
  • stable, lockable locks
  • strap


  • price

ABS tool case PARAT Parapro 6330: Rambos tool box

Tool case Test: Tool boxes for your tools: your

ABS tool case PARAT Parapro 6330

With this Suitcases can be found in the jungle, in the desert and, if necessary, under water DIY: The PARAT Parapro 6330 is, quote from the product description, "manufactured according to the military standard", "almost indestructible" and "with pressure compensation valve". Any questions?

Stealth black and armor-weighty the toolbox is in front of its owner, the stable lock and water resistance make him the ideal companion for boat owners, big game hunters or amateur racers.

Optionally with and without foam insert it is also for Transport of sensitive instruments suitable; Due to the stackability of several parachute boxes, it is also suitable, for example, for transporting sound or camera equipment.

Heavy and bulky tools can also be found in the Parapro 6330 Structure of the housing you need not worry about. The lock is easy to operate, the case opens and closes easily. The Build quality is military-correct, so excellent. Into the fight!

Click here for details of this product on PARAT Parapro 6330: Pro and Contra


  • "indestructible"
  • easy by ABS plastic
  • good central castle
  • Water, dust and air tight


  • something chunky look
  • no bins

Gedore metal toolbox: Iron for eternity

Tool case Test: Tool boxes for your tools: your

Sheet metal toolbox from Gedore

The sheet metal toolbox of Gedore is undoubtedly the one on the longest tool container in production in this test: For over 100 years, tool boxes made of sheet metal are built in this form of scissors.

The Gedore is one especially classical representative of its species: Made of thick sheet metal, with solid hinges and hammered finish, it signals quality durability from all five sorting compartments.

The durability is undoubtedly the biggest advantage of the traditional sheet metal construction, its disadvantage is definitely the heavy weight: Beläd one complete with the spacious Gedore heavy iron tools is a strong arm gefragt.

While doing that Riveting and hinging the toolbox this strain nothing from, the shoulder and elbow joint of the wearer but possibly already.

Also, the second tool case of the traditional company Remscheider in this test will probably outlast you. Anyone who has ever invested in such a box needs this Life no second time to do, from Quality demand ago the price is absolutely justified - Your grandchildren will thank you!

Click here for details of this product on Gedore metal toolbox: Pro and Contra


  • very good workmanship
  • a lot of storage space
  • smooth hinges
  • extremely robust


  • mass
  • not cheap

Comparative winner in the tool case test

Tool case Test: Tool boxes for your tools: boxes

The choice was not easy: Overall, the Hazet 190L3 convinced us the most. For a good tool case "made in Germany", it is certainly not overpriced, it has an excellent build quality and plenty of space for small parts and Kleimkram. Clear Buy recommendation.

In second place: the Gedore tin box. Simple, traditional and durable - that's how you could summarize this toolbox. The storage volume is convincing, the mechanics as well. Also, the beautiful, old metal look in hammered paint is a real eye-catcher. Who has the necessary change: Here, too, is a clear buy recommendation.

1st place: Hazet 190L3, buy recommendation and price-performance winner

Price-performance winner tool case test

Unfortunately, this time there is no surprise: The price-performance winner in the tool case test is also the Hazet 190L3. The conclusive overall concept also convinces with the price.

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