Buy tools - you should pay attention

A variety of tools are offered in the trade, ranging from cheap discounter products to high-priced branded goods. Whether a low price also means poor quality at the same time is not obvious to laymen at first glance.

Usually a lower-priced tool can also be expected to have a lower quality, but as a rule of thumb this can only be considered conditionally. When buying tools, pay attention to well-known test seals such as the GS or CE seal, which give a first indication of good quality.

Meaningful equipment for the home improvement

Before you buy, you should clarify which tools you really need and how often they are used. For most home improvement a small basic equipment is sufficient, since the tools are usually used only when needed. It is recommended to purchase the following manual and electronic tools:

  • different slotted and Phillips screwdrivers
  • hammer
  • tongs
  • Saw (foxtail)
  • Wrenches in standard sizes
  • Folding rule or steel tape measure
  • small spirit level
  • drilling machine
  • Cordless Screwdriver

If you use the tool very often privately or even professional, the purchase of high-quality brand tool is recommended. In specialist shops, DIY stores and online shops such as you will find a variety of tool offers for various home improvement work.

Quality criteria for manual tools

With tools made of metal, such as pliers or screwdrivers, an alloy made of chrome-vanadium steel gives good tool quality and a long service life. However, the quality of the tools can not yet be determined solely on the basis of the product description or material composition. When buying a hammer, make sure that the hammer head is attached to the handle with a metal ring. If it has been attached only by gluing, it can easily come off again. For the most common handyman work is a hammer with a head weight of 300g.

A high-quality screwdriver set is essential and should contain slotted and Phillips screwdrivers in different sizes. A hardened and magnetic tip of the screwdriver makes work easier as the screws do not fall off. In addition to the alloy is to pay attention to an ergonomically shaped handle, which facilitates the handling of the tool. The plastic handle should also not have welds and ideally have a rubber coating. This facilitates handling and prevents slippage while working.

Drill, cordless screwdriver & Co.

When purchasing a power tool, be sure to check for the presence of the CE seal. A drill can be used for many home improvement jobs. It should have at least a percussion, but better is a hammer mechanism and right-left run. The latter can be used not only for drilling in different wall types, but also for screwing in screws.

When buying a cordless screwdriver, it is advisable to look at the charging time information, which can range from 30 minutes to five hours, depending on the model. If not included in the delivery, the purchase of a second battery makes sense, as it can be charged and worked simultaneously.

Further tips on "purchase and care" can be found here.

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