Tools for pumpkin carving

The carving set

Tools for pumpkin carving: Halloween pumpkin

The Halloween pumpkin carving set of the company trianglefrom the blade city Solingen presents itself tidily and high-quality in a practical box. Three tools are available:

  • a short, stable and slim saw blade for fine cuts
  • a scraper with sharp edges to hollow out
  • Angled punching knife for sharp edges and corners

additionally are three ornate knives which can be used for "engraving cuts" in the pumpkin skin. We'll talk about this later - first let's go pumpkin!

The right cutting tools for the Halloween pumpkin

Halloween is back around:

Tools for pumpkin carving: tools

The great Carve pumpkin starts. Anyone who has ever carved a pumpkin head, knows that a grinning mouth with a few mischievous slit eyes a lot of work can prepare. Not to mention that pumpkin compote until the next Stone Age fabricates: The handling of the knives must be learned.

Anyone who has brought his pumpkin head up to speed under life-threatening circumstances with his butcher's knife, can now breathe easy, because the helpful Utensils for pumpkin carving do the thing now much easier.

The so-called Pumpkin Carver facilitate the way to the consummate character head. Fast lines, curved curves and a filigree finish make the pumpkin an art object from now on. The large and dangerous kitchen knife may now safely rest on the countertop and should anyway be better left to the faceless coarse motor Michael Myers.

Pumpkin carving tools: U and V cutters

The unique one Disadvantage with knives is that this one long blade to have. In addition, the handle is far from the approach and cut point, which also makes accurate cutting difficult. The leverage effects therefore pass the target, which also applies to the force translation.

Tools for pumpkin carving: Halloween pumpkin

The result: Inaccurate cutting guides and a high risk of slipping. What it takes to carve a Halloween pumpkin is a tool that has a short handle and an even shorter blade. Everyone knows it about themselves: The most accurate way to scratch and scrape it with a fingernail, since the power transmission at the tip of the nail is familiar to the physical senses.

Short grip, near blade: The tools shown here are therefore ideal to give a face to the Halloween pumpkin and decorate it. With the BevelCutDevice you can do it up narrow line deep into the pumpkin and thus create optimal guidelines for further processing.

The slightly flatter U-Schneider however, it can be used for surface treatment. The handles of these two devices are ergonomically shapedso that you can hold them firmly while carving and thus work safely.

What was also impossible with conventional knives: Due to the nature of the U-Schneider and the good cutting guide when removing individual pumpkin layers Three-dimensional depth impressions can be conjured up in the pumpkin, The more flesh is removed, the more shimmering in the end the light of the candle through, resulting in great, varied lighting effects.

Cockroaches, saws and spoons like the pros

Tools for pumpkin carving: pumpkin

The right utensil for every carver

The well-carved Halloween pumpkin does not live on the fine contours alone, because such a round colleague has it properly in itself. So it's with the inner candle lighting works, the pumpkin must be hollowed out.

Also there: The well-tried tablespoon is indeed a good tool, but not really created for this purpose. Here the problem is the same, as with the kitchen knife: too long handle, unfavorable leverage.

And besides, if you carve several pumpkins per season, you will be grateful for any relief. Here you can spoon-like tool Remedy and relieve immensely the wrist.

Who, despite the option to drive curved lines in the pumpkin, yet on jagged corners stands, who can resort to the lancing anglemaking a nice jag into the fruit with a sting.

Tools for pumpkin carving: tools

Catches the eye immediately: pumpkin decoration with special knife

Again, there is a clear advantage over the standard knives, with which you can sting only one edge side at a time. Unsightly transitions and overlaps of the puncture sites are the result, which make the Halloween pumpkin look equally ugly.

For Halloween may also be sawed, because With the jagged design knife, sharp-edged contours can be set anywhere where you can hardly exert force.

This tool is also suitable for very small pumpkins. But also on larger specimens may be sawed with it, which is particularly filigree outcuts let make.


Tools for pumpkin carving: carving

Of course, these tools can also be used to design other plants.

This way, melons and other fruits can also be prepared excellently, which certainly goes down well with guests and party visitors. Give the fruit a cap or decorate with jagged tropical delicacies the buffet or the main course of the evening.

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