An attic apartment optimally furnished

Attic apartments have their very own charm due to the sloping walls - but also their very individual disadvantages, and that literally. Therefore, when setting up a penthouse apartment a little skill is needed. In addition, there are also some rules that help to set up an attic apartment, that transform the adverse wall slopes to a positive experience.

More and more top floor apartments

The attic is increasingly being expanded and insulated. Among other things, this is due to the statutory requirements of the Energy Saving Ordinance. But at the same time, the living space itself is becoming ever scarcer and thus more loft apartments expanded than ever before. But with the establishment of an attic apartment, you also very quickly reach the physical limits of the feasible.

You often can not use standard furniture

Due to the slopes are only a few really floor to ceiling walls - if any. There is only limited space for large wall cupboards, bookshelves or bedroom cupboards. However, the disadvantages of wall slopes can quickly turn into benefits if you follow some principles.

  • create optimally filled storage space
  • work with different colors to create attractions and accents
  • When choosing furniture, pay attention to their size and volume
  • Illuminate a loft apartment sent

Create storage space

You can not set up large shelves in an attic apartment, because the wall slopes are annoying. On the other hand, the slopes are just as different as the floor plans of attic apartments. Accordingly, there are no bevelled off-the-shelf furniture.

Take advantage of storage space effectively, but never too much of it

Therefore, you should first create storage space, possibly by using the lower area of ​​the sloping walls, some of which are still straight up. With sideboards and half-high shelves, you can reach a lot here. But do not overdo it with the storage space.

Emphasize with color combinations

Basically you can use strong dark colors in the lower third of the room height. The colors then have to get brighter and brighter to achieve an optical magnification. Often there are roof-top apartments but also open roof structures - such as the crossbeams of a Kehlbalkendachstuhl.

Different shades have different effects on the viewer

Create accents by nuancing the exposed beams in a different shade. Different effects can be achieved with the different colors. Gentle green, for example, looks fragile, while very bright colors visually increase.

The furnishing with matching pieces of furniture

You also have to adapt the furniture to the conditions. Avoid pompous and swanky pieces of furniture. Instead, set up the attic apartment with pieces of furniture that are as flat as possible and also small. If you still have some larger furniture, position it centrally and not squeezed into a corner. The free space around such furniture gives you a larger sense of space.

The lighting of an attic apartment

In most cases, you can subdivide an attic apartment already in height in two levels.

  • the lower level with straight walls
  • the area from which the wall slope begins

Accordingly, you should choose lights that also illuminate multiple levels. In addition, you must also bring in the areas to the side of the skylights or dormers light. Do not place lights directly in front of windows, but rather laterally offset.

Other options for setting up an attic apartment

But you can also integrate additional components. For example, wall projections, which are in complete contrast to the otherwise oblique, yet straight geometry of the attic apartment. You accomplish this by designing the no square projections, but round wall projections.

Tips & Tricks

Especially in the English-speaking Internet, there are numerous blogs with ideas for roof pitches, which also think "out of the box". In fact, there are many pages that deal intensively with the interior design and then especially with the establishment of penthouse apartments.

As an accomplished handyman, you can also produce a variety of pieces of furniture yourself. You can also find instructions on how to paint MDF boards.

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