Topping crown - bought or homemade?

The visible sign that a shell is ready is the topping-out crown or the topping tree on the gable. A very nice custom is to tie the topping crown itself. How to do that, and what alternatives there are for self-binding, read in this post.

Homemade - or bought?

The topping-out crown, which is fastened by the carpenters on the attic, must always be procured by the client. That's the way it is, and that's the custom.

Depending on the area, it also looks very different: there is the straightening tree, the simple Richtkranz or the actual topping crown. In some areas, all three variants are used equally side by side.

Do it yourself here is not too difficult - neither the wreath, nor the crown. Only the straightening tree usually does a little more work.

It is important, as a basis for the binding, a suitable wire mesh. You can also bend that yourself, but you have to make sure that the wire mesh is really stable enough and twisted enough.

You can use Thuja to wind the wire mesh, but branches of the Tree of Life are also very popular.

Of course, you can also have the topping crown made, or you can opt for one of the standard models. That costs a little less time and work.

Different shapes on the roof

  • the topping crown - in the right crown shape
  • the simple topping wreath
  • the so-called straightening tree

Topping crown: ornaments

A traditional ornament is the colorful ribbons that are wound around the topping ceremonial. In ancient times, it was the cloth of the wandering carpenters, in which they tied their belongings and wore them as bundles.

The cloths were hung on top of the topping-out ceremony, so that the builder did not forget to give bread and sausage to the artisans after the straightening meal, as a reward for the subsequent journey to the next construction site.

Otherwise, however, there are no limits with regard to the jewelery of the diversity of ideas - you can simply romp around here creatively.

Tips & Tricks

Even if there is no roof truss, topping out ceremony is celebrated: as a so-called "ceiling festival". The custom also exists in flat roofs and prefabricated houses.

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