Topping-out tradition - what you need to know as the client

To celebrate the topping-out ceremony is an old tradition, of which nowhere is deviated. In the entire German-speaking countries, the customs are quite similar, and even as a builder you meet certain obligations. What are they and what to look for, you can read here.

An old tradition of carpenters

The topping-out ceremony is primarily based on the traditions and customs of carpentry. Many of the customs have been around since the early Middle Ages and are still lovingly cared for today.

On the roof - with flat roofs on a corresponding surface - the straightening tree is set up, the builder gives a speech in gratitude to the craftsmen and helpers for their performance on the construction.

In the sense of the "consecration ceremony" - as the topping-out ceremony is also called in some areas - the ordeal should also avert harm from the house and its future inhabitants.

After the last nail has been hammered in, the client then organizes a topping out ceremony for all those involved.

The usual customs at the topping-out ceremony

  • take the last nail
  • the straightening tree
  • the Richtschmaus
  • the topping-out speech, in which the glass is thrown from the roof, and if possible should not remain intact

A little bit of etiquette

There are a few things that simply "belong" to the topping-out ceremony - and should be considered. For example, that the builder is responsible for getting the Richtkranzes.

Anyone who is invited to the topping-out ceremony and has not helped bring along a small gift - usually something that the future homeowner may well need, such as garden tools or the like.

Gifts to the artisans, on the other hand, are an absolute taboo - they should be remunerated for their work. In the Middle Ages this happened through the Richtschmaus, besides, the topping-out ceremony was the "payday" for the wandering craftsmen.

Tips & Tricks

The colorful shawls were formerly the bundles of traveling craftsmen - they were tied to the Richtkranz, in the hope that the satisfied builder also gave some sausage and bread as a way to eat.

Video Board: Texas Children's Hospital West Campus Topping Out Ceremony