Topsoil for the garden: the cost per cubic meter

Topsoil, also called topsoil, provides good conditions for the growth of all sorts of plants. Different qualities are available on the market: sieved or unsliced, with or without additives. We inform you about the current prices.

Various qualities of the topsoil

Non-sieved topsoil is also called "as grown", it contains quite a few clumps, root pieces and sometimes even stones. However, sifted soil has a relatively uniform, fine grain size without foreign matter.

Some soils already contain compost material or mineral fertilizer. Sometimes potting soil is included. Select the additives according to your needs, get advice in case of doubt.

Uses for topsoil

Topsoil is very versatile, provides a natural breeding ground and is used for many different horticultural projects. Here are some of them for you:

  • Topsoil forms a nutrient layer on your beds so that the flowers will thrive better
  • He fills up areas that need approximation.
  • You can use it to model your garden area.
  • Topsoil provides a nutrient-rich sublayer for the lawn.
  • You can use the topsoil both for raised beds and for perennial plantings.
  • Use the soil as a top layer for tree pits.

A look at the cost of topsoil

The prices for topsoil are based on the unit of measure cubic meters. The grain size of the topsoil plays a major role in pricing: fine-grained soil takes up less volume than coarse-grained, so it is more compressed.

The costs for an average topsoil quality are around 7 to 12 EUR per cubic meter. Sown soil is more on the upper price limit, in this environment plants usually go very well.

If you need a larger amount of topsoil that you can not transport yourself, then include the shipping cost in your pricing.

A price example: Topsoil for a flowerbed

A hobby gardener orders topsoil for her flowerbed. It requires 25 cubic meters of screened soil, which can be delivered to the garden.

Cost overviewprice
1.25 cubic meters of topsoil220 EUR
2nd delivery30 EUR
total250 EUR

Buy topsoil cheaper

If you want to save money on the purchase of your topsoil, have a look for used materials. On the Internet there are appropriate exchange and purchase exchanges for hobby gardeners and garden owners.

However, you are usually responsible for the transport of used ground, a car with trailer or a pickup truck with open cargo area would be beneficial.

Tips & Tricks

Topsoil with compost shares is a bit more expensive, but at the beginning you save the costs of fertilizing your plants. A nice side effect is the work easier.

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