Cutting single-pane safety glass - is that possible?

ESG glass allows only a very small amount of processing after its production. As a rule, all cutting and grinding work is therefore done before curing. Whether you can still cut ESG glass, and which safety glasses are easier to work, you can find out here.

Cutting and grinding work on toughened glass

The production of ESG glass is made of ordinary window glass. It is heated up until it changes its properties, and then cooled down abruptly.

Rapid cooling produces a high residual stress in the glass because the surface cools faster than the glass core. This residual stress in a cutting test would cause the glass to shatter immediately into crumbs.

ESG glass can therefore neither be ground nor cut to size. If tempered glass panes do not fit, they can not be used. It must be made new, matching in size slices.

Cutting laminated glass

VSG glass, on the other hand, has a completely different structure. Here, the impact resistance and the splintering ability does not come from the glass itself, but from the construction method.

For the properties of laminated safety glass, a viscoelastic plastic film is responsible, which is firmly laminated together with the two (or more) glass panes. The glass itself, however, remains unchanged in terms of its properties in these panes.

The cutting of laminated glass is complicated and complicated. As a rule, it can only be cut and processed by the master glazier.

With bulletproof glass (laminated glass with a thickness of more than 25 mm) cutting is no longer possible in all cases. The thick film must be cut through cleanly, the thickness of the glass panes creates a risk of breakage.

VSG glass is cut professionally today mainly with special techniques:

  • Infarotstrahler
  • laser technology
  • water radiators

This allows for clean, smooth cuts as well as a clean cut through the film. If, on the other hand, the film is not cut through sufficiently smoothly, tensions in the glass can occur, which can later lead to glass breakage very easily.

Tips & Tricks

If you need a special tempered safety glass, such as a piece of furniture, it is best to use a glass with a glass to the exact extent. So you get a matching disc that does not need to be cut. The best way to do this is to use ESG-H glass, so that the risk of a possible spontaneous breakage of the pane is excluded from the outset.

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